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TCU News: Frogs kick off season today, big recruit dislocates knee


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TCU QB Hill, WRs in synch going into opener vs. Jackson State | USA Today

If Hill and the receivers are clicking this year, look out. The offense is revamped, and Hill sounds confident. Of course, the best advice comes from Patterson:

"I think some of the problems you had last year, I think he felt like he had to be perfect," coach Gary Patterson said. "Just need to throw it so they can catch it. That's what quarterbacks do, no matter how hard they throw it. There's a lot of guys that throw hard but they have a soft ball. Throw it so they can catch it."

What, if anything, makes TCU’s Gary Patterson think he has a good team? | Fort Worth Star Telegram

GP has definitely had that smirk on his face this fall, like he knows something no one else knows. But what we all know, is that this team is in a position to prove people wrong, which means that Patterson is in a place to motivate his guys well.

“I’ll tell you this much — the team, I really like coaching them,” he said. “They’ve really worked hard. The young guys have learned a lot. We’ll have to play some young guys; they’ll have to grow up. But this group here has come a long way since we started camp. I don’t know what that means Saturday. But I like where we sit right now overall.”

TCU four-star QB commit Rogers dislocates knee in game | Fort Worth Star Telegram

This is terrible news for Justin Rogers, who was looking to lead his team to a state championship in Louisiana. It’s unknown how long the recovery will take, but an MRI should reveal the extent of the damage. It’s possible to dislocate your knee without tearing ligaments, but the video of the injury was pretty gruesome.

Video posted to the Twitter account of Alex Anderson of KTBS, another Shreveport station, showed Rogers brought down from behind on a scramble when a defender grabs his left foot. His right leg hits the ground awkwardly and he comes up holding his leg.