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Easy Does it: TCU 63, JSU 0

The Frogs annihilate Jackson State in a show of complete dominance.

NCAA Football: Jackson State at Texas Christian
Lots and lots of different Frogs scored touchdowns.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

While some Big 12 members residing South of Fort Worth ended up struggling mightily at home, the Frogs nearly allowed an opening hiccup of their own as JSU drove inside the TCU 10 yard line on their first drive. Then a huge sack and a well defended fake punt(!) happened and after that the Frogs let us know that this one wasn’t going to have us sweating for very long. This was fun welcome back to football for a team that was 9 months removed from a very frustrating season where everything barring that delightful romp over Baylor was an absolute struggle. Struggling in the FCS opener last year, struggling against SMU (at least for the first half), not putting teams away and missing kick after kick. This was not any of those games, and it seemed to be a clear message from the Frogs that this will not be last year’s team.

Kenny Hill was effective and dynamite at times (though he still had one underthrow that will be analyzed to death over the next week), the running game was explosive and the playcalling simply made sense throughout the game. On the defensive side we saw pride, we saw negative plays, sound tackling and two turnovers that turned into 14 points for the guys in purple. All in all it’s a performance that would be very hard to nitpick, though I’m sure GP will find a way, and it’s hard to actually talk about too much. This is a team that TCU should have beaten soundly, and they did it in every phase of the game. A fun little romp before the serious business begins next week, but still a game worth savoring- it’s been a while since it was easy.

Go Frogs.