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Week 3 Big 12 Hot Takes and Tweets Awards

So I, like the rest of Frog Nation spent my game day focused on one thing: Beating the ever loving crap out of the Ponies. And luckily the Frogs came through. But if you’re like me you didn’t have time (or the want to) to check in on our crazy football conference cousins around the B12. Here’s what you missed in the Twitter-sphere from this weekend:

Baylor- See the Gif Below Award

(and I’m enjoying every second of it, cough 0-3 cough)

Iowa State- Best Use of a Gif Award

Kansas- School Stereotype Validated Award

“We’re more of a basketball school”

Kansas State- You’re Doing Great Sweetie Award

No I’m not crying- it’s just allergies.... Ok I’m crying

Oklahoma- Still the Most Punchable Person Ever Award

(self explanatory)

Oklahoma State- Speaking of Flag Wavers Award

(and runner up for best gif)

TCU- Best in B12 Award (Because we’re biased here)

Texas Tech- The Wait For It.... Award

Hmmm I wonder why.

Texas- Not “Alright Alright Alright” Award

Spot on Lacey, spot on.

West Virginia- The ‘Who Are They Playing Award?’ and Who Are You Again Award

Thanks for reading now enjoy these pictures of Puppies, Babies, and a Lizard on a Football