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Tuesday Presser Notes: Frogs Getting Healthier

Patterson seems eerily calm heading into Saturday’s big showdown.

NCAA Football: SMU at Texas Christian Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Gary Patterson held his weekly presser Tuesday afternoon, and he had plenty to say with the best team the Frogs have faced this year welcoming them in Saturday afternoon. Let’s dive in:

On Kyle Hicks:

“I can probably tell you he’s closer to playing than he is not playing. It would be a big help because of the way he catches the ball and the knowledge he has of the offense.”

He also mentioned that Ty Summers will be “ready to go” and linebackers Arico Evans and Sammy Douglas will be on the field, but limited.”

On Mat Boesen missing a half:

“We'll be without Boesen for a half and that's a loss. Epley played better than we thought.”

On TCU’s advantage over the Cowboys:

“If there’s any advantage, to me, going into the ballgame, it’s that we’ve played two teams that had a high level of something. I think that’s the only advantage we have over Oklahoma State, that we’ve had to be in two battles and they’ve only played until halftime.”

On the Frogs’ game plan for Saturday:

“We’ve got to play coverage and we’ve got to play the deep ball. If you want to stay in the game, you can’t allow Oklahoma State to throw the deep ball. Plain and simple. You’ve got to make them drive it. Then you’ve got a chance.”

On Mason Rudolph:

“If you give Rudolph time, he's good at what he does. You can't allow him to throw the deep ball. Have to make them make drives.”

On the Oklahoma State defense:

Oklahoma State's defense is really good. The have a lot of takeaways and more depth up front than a year ago.

On Monday - during the coaches’ conference call - Patterson talked about how he feels about his team heading into the biggest game of their season, so far, and one that winning could put them in the conference title hunt.

“You know, I’m excited about my team. Got ourselves to 3-0. Got ourselves in position where we feel like we have a very mature football team. Excited for the challenge. You always want to play against very good people. You can find out what you’re like, what your level is, what you can play like. Definitely Oklahoma State puts us in that category.”

We will know a lot more about this team by Saturday night.