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MMQB: Frogs Make an Oklahoma Statement

TCU woke a lot of people up on Saturday afternoon.

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Well that wasn’t the least bit stressful right?


I think I have at least four grey hairs now. It’s cool because that’s how many wins TCU has on the season, while still having a nice goose egg in the L column. After that win in Stillwater, I can definitively say that this year’s team is better than last year’s. Yes it felt like a given after the blasting of Jackson State and the manhandling of the Hogs, but now I know for a fact that we can hang with the rest of the Big 12 in conference play. That doesn’t mean that we can get complacent, the fans and the team need to stay woke as the millennials say.

Oh and as per ritual, Baylor lost to Oklahoma and is 0-4 on the season...except they put up a pretty good fight after trailing and were this close to picking up their first win of the season so....

Ah yes, now onto TCU...

The Good:

So dang much. I’ll go in depth but let me make a list before I forget anything,

  • The run game
  • The offensive line
  • The defensive line
  • The secondary
  • New Kenny Who Dis?
  • The equipment team’s takeover of the TCU football instagram story
  • Kirk Herbstreit picking TCU when nobody else would
  • My heart for staying in my chest

If I forgot anything than just let me know in the comments!

So Darius Anderson is, as I have said before, a GOT DANGED MAN. Anderson rushed for 160 yards on 26 carries (6.2 YARDS A CARRY) with 3 tuddies while adding 4 receptions for 41 yards receiving as well. It may have been my favorite performance by a Frog, not named Josh Doctson or Trevone Boykin, in quite some time. Let’s not forget that Sewo also had a clutch touchdown (maybe?) at the end of the 3rd quarter to put the Frogs up 34-17. Turpin and the future father of my children, Jalen Reagor, both had a single carry for 16 and 18 yards respectively. Keep the ground game going strong guys, it’s been a ton of fun to watch and it’s winning us games against good opponents on the road.

Of course I don’t want to paint the picture that TCU is a one dimensional team, because they aren’t. TCU has a great passing game too. And you know what, they have a pretty good QB too. The system that he runs now may not be one that allows him to put up 3 straight 400 yard passing games, but he’s in one that puts less pressure on him and let’s him be MEGA-EFFICIENT. Kenny “Night Game Manager” Hill has been great this year. I say that knowing that he’s probably not going to have many games where he throws the ball 40+ times, due to the fact that our run game has been so great, but he’s not putting us in positions to lose games. The offensive line is giving him more time to get the ball out of his hand and into those of our improved receiving corps.

He’s never going to be the most accurate guy, but other than his one dumb pick (that was most likely because of a miscommunication) he played fantastic. Hill was clutch and converted 8/11 3rd downs, keeping drives going through the air. If it helps you sleep at night, Kenny Hill has as many interceptions on the season as Heisman candidate Mason Rudolph. Oh also Kenny did something that Boykin was never able to in Stillwater. Not saying he’s a better QB, but just an interesting stat of note. Another interesting stat is Kenny’s current completion percentage is sitting at 72.7%, which is awesome. God bless 2017 Kenny Hill.

Also TCU made their first 3 field goals of the season. Jonathan Song went 3 for 3 today, and I haven’t felt so relaxed watching our kickers since 2015. Another special teams shout out to Turpin for getting us into OSU territory for the last drive to put the game away.

Now let me rave about that TCU defense though. Ben “Ostrich Eggs” Banogu had a forced fumble on Rudolph that allowed the Frogs to drive down the field to silence the crowd and go up 20-7. Chris Bradley intercepted Rudolph while bringing pressure up the middle and letting the Cowboys’ offensive line know who “daddy” was. Nick Orr also had a sweet pick on a Doug Meacham-esque play call by OSU. Texada also only got beat deep once by James Washington. One time. I love you Ranthony. Other than that he kept Washington relatively in check when covering him.

The defensive line was great, and while they may have not recorded a ton of sacks, they did make Rudolph uncomfortable when it mattered most. The linebackers and safeties also swarmed to the front in order to stuff the run game. The offense did it’s job and Darius was awesome, but the defense was the star of the game. They may not have really ended Mason Rudolph’s Heisman candidacy, but they made that train take a pit stop.

The Bad:

My heart rate afterwards, and my throbbing headache that I had to pop 3 baby Advil in order for it to go away. Okay other than that, the bad Kenny pick, and Niko Small playing only 7 yards deep on the deep TD throw to James Washington. That’s it. All I can think of. I’m not going to nit pick this week, because I just want to enjoy this one. *Takes sip from mug bought at Eskimo Joe’s*

Next Week: Bye Bye Bye

Thank goodness too, my heart needs a break. It’s time to get some rest and extra prep time for a West Virginia team that could sneak up on us. Rest up this week Frog fans, but don’t get caught sleeping.

Play of the Game:

If I put every defensive play as the play of the game, would that be okay with everyone? I would hope so, but there’s only one play that I can choose. It was the play that put my heart at ease with a little over 2 minutes to go, and it was when there was no longer any shadow of a doubt that the Frogs were going to win the game. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Darius Anderson on 3rd and 4.

Look at Kenny sell that fake like he’s on the stock market. YOU GO 2017 KENNY.