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Tuesday Presser Notes: ‘Not an off week, just a week we don’t play a game’

No days off for TCU Football (well, maybe two) despite the bye this Saturday.

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Oklahoma State
He knew the whole dang time, didn’t he?
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When you go and beat the #6 team in the country, you get a little more attention at your weekly press conference. That was the case for TCU and Gary Patterson Tuesday, as several national reporters made their way to Fort Worth to listen to GP wax poetic, despite the fact his team won’t suit up this weekend.

On the Bye Week:

“It’s not an off week, it’s a week we don’t play a game. The players will have Friday and Saturday off this week, but there are no breaks after this.”

On already preparing for Western Virginia:

“Sunday and Monday were game plan days. I’ve been watching film everyday - was up until 1:00am Sunday watching film.”

On if he has a faster secondary this season:

“Older players play faster and we are healthier this season. Also helps that we have faster defensive ends.”

Mason Rudolph didn’t have time often Saturday, and when he did, there was no one to throw to, leading to the strip sack and several bad balls.

On Patrick Morris’ injury:

“Could miss 4-5 weeks, 2-3 games. Niang will get more reps, which is a good thing.”

Niang has been a beast when he has been on the field this season, but hasn’t been able to stay out there for long stretches to this point.

On the Big 12 Title Game:

“If I have an undefeated team, I won’t like it. If I need it to get in playoff, I’ll love it.”

On former Frogs in the NFL:

“If any of my guys in the pros buy anything crazy, I give them a call. They are all pretty conservative with their cash.”

On Anthem protests and TCU’s response:

“TCU is into free speech. Let's just get back to treating people the right way. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it.”

There has been a lot of talk around a certain portion of Frog fans regarding Josh Doctson’s choice to kneel during the National Anthem before Sunday’s nights Washington Redskins’ game. Patterson has always supported his players and their causes - it appears he has Doc’s back in this instance as well.

For reference: the TCU Football team does not take the field for the Anthem, and never has under GP.

But the most important thing of all, check out GP’s new purple fireplace: