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Running Frog Wild: TCU 28, Arkansas 7

TCU pounded away at the SEC’s heaviest team in a game that could have been even more lopsided.

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Arkansas
A dominant performance from the Frogs on the ground and a defensive Gem lead to a comfortable win for the Frogs.
Joey Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

This was a game that felt like it should have been a comfortable TCU win at several points, but missed opportunities and mistakes kept Arkansas hanging around until the fourth quarter... And then the dam finally broke. Darius Anderson had over 100 yards rushing and staked a claim to being TCU’s feature back with powerful and intelligent running, Kenny Hill had some bad throws but for the most part put together a nice performance taking what he was given and... the defense looked incredible. Against the heaviest running team in the nation, the Frogs forced three and out after three and out, only allowing one really good sustained Arkansas drive. The kicker, of course, was the kicking game; this year it was Arkansas who was missing the easy field goals when the game was very much in dispute (due to a miserable snap and a Reagor end zone drop) which was intensely satisfying for any Frog fan who had to sit through last years heartbreaker.

This was a game that TCU needed, and they simply looked like the better team in all three phases. Confidence should be high with one more tune up at home against SMU before conference play starts and things will get very serious, very quickly. Go Frogs.