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MMQB: Another day another comeback

Once again the Frogs rallied from a halftime deficit to take home a win in Alamo city

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 28 Alamo Bowl - Stanford v TCU Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I mean is anyone really surprised?

TCU trailed by 18 at one point in the game? Yes.

TCU still ended up winning the game? Hell yes.

What a game it was. This is the first MMQB of the year and the last of the season, so let’s dive into the Frogs’ performance one more time. Let’s start this one like the game, with the bad.

The Bad:

A lot of the first half. The secondary couldn’t cover #19, Arcega-Whiteside, but to be fair the guy was like 6’5 and our best corners don’t really peak past 5’11. So watching KJ Costello throw to him in the endzone when there is nothing that your secondary could do about frustrating.

Bryce Love had a weird game, he ripped off a very nice 69 yard touchdown run against us, but then he seemed to be hobbling the rest of the night. He eventually went into the medical tent on the sideline to get his thumb checked because it was leaking blood like a fire hydrant. I wonder what would have happened if he would have stayed in the whole game...but you know, he’s a good guy, great player, and I hope he has a successful professional football career. He finished the night with 145 yards against us on the ground, and one L. At least we can say we beat one Heisman finalist this year.

The offense in the first half was frustrating to say the least. Kenny had what was perhaps the most “perplexing” throw I’ve ever seen him make. He had a ton of green grass in front of him, but instead he decided to throw it across his body, across the field, into double coverage and the moment it left his knew it was going to be picked. He also then nearly did the same thing again near the goal line later in the first half. Fortunately, Kenny calmed down and the second half settled in. Then there was.....

The Good


Once again, trailing a team from the Pac-12 at half (not by 31 this time though), the Frogs got back in the saddle and started to take this game back. Kenny started using his legs more, keeping drives alive, making a quick decision to take off. Things that we wanted from him all year, quick decision making, making smart throws. It was glorious.

Hill had another receiving touchdown a la some four loko trickery from Sonny Cumbie, on a nice pass from Des the QB. He returned the favor to Des when he hit him in the endzone for Des’ first touchdown of the night. He finished his night 27/40, with 2 touchdowns, and 314 yards.

Kenny, you know I can’t quit you, and I never will bud. Glad you got to go out on top!

Oh but Des wasn’t done. White took a 76 yard punt return TO THE HOUSE, to give the Frogs a temporary lead. After the Cardinal struck back, the Frogs drove down the field and took the lead with a short field goal from Cole Buntz. You all know that last season’s TCU team would have missed that FG 9 times out of 10. Then on the next drive KJ Costello threw an interception to INNES GAINES BABY, to ice the game. God bless this year’s TCU team, and God bless Gary Patterson. Again, Gary you are so special and we truly all love you. If anyone ever says that you don’t deserve a statue on campus...well you can tell them to politely go home. Sir, it has been a pleasure once again.

Next Season:

Ah yes. The much anticipated 2018 season is up next. It’ll be stressful, just like all of them. But before we move to the future, let’s quickly reflect on this group of Seniors.

Emmanuel Porter, Taj Williams, Matt Boesen, John Diarse, Ranthony Texada, Desmon White, Ty Slanina, Nick Orr, Kyle Hicks, Travin Howard, Sammy Douglas, Austin Schlottmann, Chris Bradley, Patrick Morris, Matt Pryor, Joe Noteboom, Cole Hunt, Charlie Reid, and Kenny Hill Jr.

Thank all of you for giving us such a wonderful season. Much love and good luck in wherever you set your sight’s next.

Play of the game:

Hmmm there are sooo many good ones, but I know which one had me running around my apartment with the most level of hype.

What play would that be you might ask? Well it’s none other than the 93 yard BOMB that Kenny threw to Jalen Reagor to start the 4th quarter. I mean Kenny must’ve had a wine opener nearby, because he absolutely UN-CORKED this one to Reagor, who by the way just blew by his defender. I knew Reagor was going to be good, like pretty much ever since he stepped on the field for the Frogs...but man after watching what he did in San Antonio, I think he’s going to be great for the next 2 or 3 years. Excited to see the kid develop and become one of the faces of the conference in the future.

Anyways, once more, I give you, Jalen Reagor Targaryen:

Till next time,

Go Frogs!