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TCU vs. West Virginia Gamethread

TCU hosts West Virginia in a big, big game.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

TCU faces off against West Virginia in a huge Big 12 matchup, but getting a win won't be easy for the Frogs.

West Virginia is known for their full court press, so it'll be up to Alex Robinson and the other TCU guards to protect the ball against the Mountaineers. Here's what Christian had to say in his TCU-WVU preview.

This will always be the first and foremost key when playing West Virginia. If you cannot break their pressure and start giving away the ball, you are going to get run out of the gym. Alex Robinson has been a great facilitator these past few games, but he turned it over 5 times against Kansas State. WVU is a completely different beast, so A Rob will need to not only break the pressure they’re going to bring, but also not make careless mistakes in the halfcourt.

So, watch the game (ESPN) and chat along with us as TCU tries to get to 3-5 in Big 12 play against one of the top teams in the conference.