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Frogs in the MLB: A Hard-Fought Battle

Frogs end the 2018 season with ups and downs

Philadelphia Phillies v Colorado Rockies Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

OK, I know. I haven’t written about our Pro Frogs in a month. Like, literally, a month to the day. It’s not for lack of trying. In fact, I tried several times to write updates. But these two little children kept screaming at me for attention. I’m told their mine. In fact, one of them just became mine officially on September 19. And after over a year of fighting for her, I can’t complain about the extra set of hands reaching for me and the little voice screaming. We celebrated with a trip to Disney World. But we’re back now and I’m finally getting a chance to write again. So here it is—FINALLY—the last 2018 Frogs in the MLB update.

Jake Arrieta (P/Philadelphia Phillies) -

Arrieta had a rough September, finishing his first season as a Philly. He went 1-2 for the month with 2 no-decisions and outings ranging anywhere from 2 innings to 7 13 . The Phillies finished 3rd in the National League East, behind the Braves and Nationals. The Braves won the Division after a season of battling it out with both the Nationals and Phillies, for a time. But they pulled away at the end of the season and clearly won the Division and a postseason berth.

And while Arrieta didn’t play any postseason baseball for the first time since 2014, he was able to make an important appearance at the Little League World Series to meet with players. Congratulations to Jake and his family on completing their first season in Philly. We’re looking forward to seeing what next year brings.

Arrieta finished the season with an ERA of 3.96 with a WHIP of 1.29 and a final record 10-11. You can see Arrieta’s full stats here.

Matt Carpenter (1B/St. Louis Cardinals) -

The Cardinals fought hard to the end, with a roller coaster of wins and losses in September. They finished 3rd in the National League Central Division, behind the Cubs and Brewers, who both earned berths to the postseason.

While Carpenter’s only home run for the month came September 23, he continued to thrill fans with 15 hits, 21 runs, 8 RBI, and 4 doubles for the month. He also walked 18 times, finishing 6th overall in the MLB with a total of 102 on the season.

Carpenter also got ejected in the 7th inning, after he was called out on September 25, against the Brewers. The game was crucial for the Cardinals to have a shot at a wildcard berth, but it ended in a 12-4 loss.

The Cardinals have seen a postseason drought since their last appearance in 2015, so it’s unfortunate that they didn’t earn a berth this year after a season that ended on a much better note than it started. But we hope Carpenter enjoys some rest this fall with his family, and we look forward to seeing him return next year healthy and ready with a new batch of salsa.

Carpenter finished the year with a .257 AVG, with 111 runs and 145 hits. He had 36 home runs and 81 RBI. You can see his full stats here.

Andrew Cashner (P/Baltimore Orioles) -

Cashner’s season ended with 2 losses in September. He lasted 4 23 innings against Seattle on the road, and 2 innings at home against Oakland. Both games were losses for an Orioles team that has struggled all year. Cashner has struggled all season with a team that just couldn’t seem to pull it all together at the same time. The Orioles finished last in the American League East, and in the American League in general. Their record was 47-115. So, yeah, that sucks.

Cashner was nominated for the 2018 Most Valuable Oriole award, and while he didn’t win, it shows that he’s gained the respect of his teammates during a trying season. Hopefully this offseason will offer a chance for a reset. We wish Cashner the best next year.

Cashner’s ERA is currently 5.29, with a 1.58 WHIP. You can see his full stats here.

Bryan Holaday (C/Miami Marlins) -

Holaday played 7 games in September, finishing is first season in Miami. He had some great saves this season, both at the plate and behind it. The Marlins finished last in the National League East, and in the National League itself, with a 63-98 record for the 2018 season. While Holaday doesn’t have the batting average to be the Marlins’ primary catcher, he’s come through for them in a pinch all season. With a better average, Holaday could make an even bigger impact next season. His commitment and preparation as a backup are admirable. His pitching skills are handy. Oh, and he makes a pretty good bench coach, too.

Holaday finished the season with 7 runs and 31 hits. He had 5 doubles and 1 home run. You can see his full stats here.

Thank you to those who took the time to keep up with our Pro Frogs this season. While the Pro Frogs haven’t always had fantastic seasons in the MLB, they’ve won the respect of teams and fellow players. Hats off to Jim Schlossnagle and his coaching staff for creating players who are talented and well-respected in their sport. We hope to see more names added to this list next season, and we hope that you’ll continue to follow and support our Pro Frogs in their careers. Until next year.....