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Did Y’all See That? Week Seven Edition

Iowa’s a thing again, huh? Plus: Army spotted San Jose State three points. The result may surprise you!

NCAA Football: Iowa at Indiana
Do you remember this football team?
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Week Seven of the college football season was weird, if only because most of the strange and wonderful things we normally celebrate in this space happened to major teams. Penn State lost to Michigan State’s ornery brand of anti-football, LSU curb-stomped Georgia and defiantly blared “Neck” afterward, and Alabama had to suffer the indignity of playing a backup quarterback for much of the Tide’s win over Missouri. Was that back-up quarterback Jalen Hurts, a junior with a 25-2 record as a starter? That’s neither here nor there.

But we must press on and dive deeper into the college football landscape and ask the necessary question: Did Y’all See That?

Did Y’all See: Tuesday Night Football is back?

One of these days, we’ll get to where we can watch some form of football every day of the week. I personally believe all Mountain West games should be played on Wednesdays, just because it’ll help remind me that the Mountain West is still an actual conference.

Appalachian State (the one true Mountaineers) and Arkansas State brought Tuesday Night Football back last week, with App State winning 35-9. This particular game didn’t have the manic chaos that TNF normally brings us, but it was football, by god, and we watched it, because it was in front of us.

There aren’t any Tuesday games this week, but Troy and South Alabama will resume TNF next week. I smell a deeply weird 19-16 game ahead.

Did Y’all See: Iowa is 5-1?

No, seriously: did y’all?

SBNation’s Jason “The Sandman” Kirk gave his bowl predictions for the New Years’ Six games after Saturday’s action, and the Iowa Hawkeyes were slotted in the Fiesta Bowl against UCF. Hand to God, I have not watched a single minute of Iowa football this year, and I’m not positive I could tell you any team they’ve played against. I assume they’ve already played and beaten Nebraska, because, well, every team in the Big 10 West has already played and beaten Nebraska.

But, yes — Kirk Ferentz has the Hawkeyes at 5-1, and Iowa entered the AP Poll at No. 19 this week. Kirk Ferentz will never die, and Iowa will continue to pay him gobs of money for a 9-3 record until the heat death of the universe.

Did Y’all See: The Army-San Jose State game?

Here’s a list of things that actually happened in Army’s 52-3 win over San Jose State.

  • San Jose State led 3-0 after the first quarter
  • Army had 341 rushing yards, compared to the Spartans’ 36
  • Thirteen different Army players had at least one rush attempt
  • Army completed two passes, one of which was a touchdown; San Jose State completed 13 passes as a team, for zero touchdowns
  • San Jose State fumbled four times and lost all four

Football’s a strange sport. Army is terrifying.

Did Y’all See: Boston College whoop Louisville?

Steve Addazio and his merry band of dudes from Boston College beat Louisville 38-20 Saturday, racking up 251 yards on the ground in the process.

I didn’t watch this game so I don’t have too much to say about what happened on the field. But let me tell you this — judging by how trash the Cardinals are this year without Lamar Jackson, I think Jackson might be the best college football player of all time. Louisville looks lost and in trouble, like a father of a crying toddler trying desperately to find the Dumbo ride at Disney World without a map. Jackson should win last year’s Heisman retroactively, if he was able to lead this Cardinals team to any modicum of success.

Did Y’all See: BYU beat up on Hawai’i?

This was the late game, so don’t feel too bad if you didn’t see it. I had a cousin of one of my good friends DM me on Twitter Saturday, wanting confirmation on his bet that Hawai’i would win outright. I concurred, thinking the Vegas underdog Rainbow Warriors would roll into Provo with ease and beat BYU.

Boy, did that not happen. BYU led 28-3 at the half and Hawai’i looked outmatched. The Rainbow Warriors were one of the biggest surprises of the first few weeks of the season, but the Cougars sent them limping back to the islands. I guess they’ll just have to lick their wounds on a beautiful beach with palm trees overhead while drinking a fruity beverage in a hollowed-out coconut with a tiny umbrella sticking out. Sad!