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Did Y’all See That? Week Eight Edition

This week’s edition includes a wondrous YouTube video and the deep, dark horrors of LSU-Mississippi State.

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Louisiana State Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, all. I’m under the weather and tired of reading about TCU Players Behaving Badly, a topic so deep it could become its own “Jeopardy!” segment at this point.

So let’s look around at the greater college football landscape for some inspiration. It’s time for Did Y’all See That? Week Eight Edition!

Did Y’all See: The Urban Meyer Sad Face Compilation?

There might not be a more expressive coach in college football than Ohio State’s Urban Meyer. Sure, there’s Brian Kelly and Will Muschamp, but those coaches’ emotions range from “barely restrained anger” to “unrestrained anger.” Meyer’s face can express a symphony of sadness, as shown during the Buckeyes’ blowout loss at Purdue.

Luckily, a Reddit user, u/Fratopotamus1, compiled all of Meyer’s reaction shots during big Purdue plays into one handy YouTube video.

Simply tremendous. I recommend watching this after a bad day at work. It’ll really lift your spirits.

Did Y’all See: The combined quarterback statlines from LSU-Mississippi State?

LSU won its game against Mississippi State 19-3, but in all honesty, everyone who watched this game came out on the losing end. Tiger quarterback Joe Burrow went 16-28 for 129 yards, no touchdowns and an interceptions. Mississippi State quarterback Nick Fitzgerald somehow topped (bottomed?) that, throwing for 59 yards on 8-24 passing and four — count ‘em, four — interceptions.

The combined statline from the quarterbacks in this game: 24-52, 188 yards, 0 touchdowns, 5 interceptions.

Why, that’s Nathan Peterman-esque!

Did Y’all See: Someone voted for UAB?

Look, this is not to take anything away from the UAB Blazers, who a) are still rebuilding the program after the state of Alabama took football away from UAB for no particular reason and b) have one of the coolest logos in the sport.

But UAB received a single solitary vote in the AP Poll this week, and that is one vote too many. Sure, the Blazers are 6-1. But their best win has been over shuffles notes North Texas, and they were waxed 47-24 by Coastal Carolina in Week Two.

So to John Bednarowski of the Marietta Daily Journal, I ask you, sir: What in the world?

Did Y’all See: Alabama is at it again?

Sometimes I think we tend to overlook just how good this Alabama team is. I think that’s criminal. It’s like all the stories you read about a famous artist dying penniless, and only becoming famous posthumously when his work is rediscovered. If we only start to appreciate this Crimson Tide bunch in the College Football Playoff, we’ll be missing out on the latest, most efficient version of the ruthless killing machine in Tuscaloosa.

Case in point: Saturday’s game against Tennessee, in which Alabama put up 28 points before the Volunteers could say “please, stop scoring so many points on us.” The Tide outgained Tennessee 217-6 in the first quarter, and that is not a typo.

I know some of y’all might be getting tired of Alabama. And to that I say — boy, it must really get old trying to ignore how good the Tide are.

Did Y’all See: Northwestern almost lost to Rutgers?

Almost losing to Rutgers is, well, almost as bad as losing to Rutgers. The Scarlet Knights led 12-7 at the half and 15-10 after three quarters. Northwestern had to dig down deep to overcome that fearsome Rutgers defense that we all know and respect.

In 2017, Mel Kiper Jr., of ESPN, listed Northwestern quarterback Clayton Thorson as one of the top five underclassmen quarterbacks in the country on his draft board.

And in October of 2018, Thorson went 17-34 for 150 yards and no touchdowns against Rutgers.

Football is dumb.