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TCU News: Patterson adamant “I’m not trying to cover anything up”

Did TCU not know about Turpin’s previous legal issues?

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New Mexico police don’t know how TCU couldn’t have known about Turpin’s assault charge | The Star-Telegram

There are still plenty of questions around what happened when, and TCU will have to re-examine how they collect facts going forward.

In a statement to the Star-Telegram, a TCU spokesperson said, “The football staff reviewed a commercial website that provides arrest records, but that account was incomplete. Our team did not do enough to get the full story. We would not have allowed Turpin to play had we known about an outstanding arrest warrant.”

Patterson was adamant he and the coaching staff had no information regarding a battery charge against Turpin that was filed the same day in the Dona Ana Magistrate Court Las Cruces.

“I’m not trying to cover anything up,” Patterson said. “I feel bad because the kid, KaVontae, football is his life. Bottom line to it, though, is the health of a lady is her life and you can’t cross that line. So, today, I lose on both counts.”

Big 12 Football Power Rankings: TCU continues free-fall in Week 8 | Saturday Blitz

Who knows what will happen over the next five games?

Not everything was bad in TCU’s 52-27 loss to Oklahoma this Saturday. Sure, they lost starting quarterback Shawn Robinson for the season, and possibly their star receiver too, but I think there are some things to be encouraged about.

First, backup quarterback Michael Collins wasn’t dreadful. He certainly wasn’t good, but he was at least serviceable, and served as just about the only source of offense for the Horned Frogs. Secondly, this was a 31-27 game pretty deep into the third quarter. That shows fight, and at least some semblance of ability, even if they did get crushed for the last 20 minutes or so.

Where does TCU finish: 6. I think TCU has something left to offer. Collins should get better as the year goes on, and four of their last five games are against teams in the bottom half of the conference. Beat Kansas, Kansas State, Baylor and Oklahoma State, and the Horned Frogs are headed to a bowl game. That seems manageable.

Oklahoma football: How does Big 12 stack up with 5 games to go? | Stormin’ in Norman

Can TCU win another game this year?

6. TCU Horned Frogs

TCU has lost four games this season, three of those in the Big 12, but the Horned Frogs are still a dangerous team, and with arguably the best defense in the conference, they are more than capable of beating any Big 12 team on a given Saturday.

Commit roundup: A&M pledge hits game-winner; TCU, Texas verbals score 6 TDs | Sports Day

There are some good things happening around TCU, namely with the Newton commits.

-- Newton athlete Joshua Foster passed for 72 yards and a touchdown and rushed for 30 yards in a 65-20 win over Hemphill.

-- Four-star Newton running back rushed for 137 yards and five touchdowns in the same contest.

-- Wichita Falls Hirschi running back Daimarqua Foster rushed for 188 yards and six touchdowns in a 52-12 win over Gainesville.