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TCU News: Patterson has deep ties to Kansas

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Links O’ War
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TCU coach Gary Patterson has strong family ties to KU. His uncle played under legendary coach Phog Allen.

This is a really cool piece about Gary’s uncle, Harold Patterson, who is in the Kansas Hall of Fame.

Patterson’s uncle, Harold Patterson, is part of KU athletics lore. He’s in the school’s Hall of Fame as a multi-sport star who played on the basketball team under legendary coach Phog Allen and was teammates with a man who became a legendary coach in his own right, Dean Smith.

Women’s Basketball

TCU to host Maggie Dixon Classic | ESPN

TCU’s game against Army on December 2nd has been designated the Maggie Dixon Classic.

The classic honors Maggie Dixon, who died at 28 from heart arrhythmia in April 2006. Just weeks before, she had led Army to its first women’s NCAA tournament.