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TCU News: Defense carrying the Frogs, Collins capable if Robinson can’t go

TCU may need to lean on their backup against Texas Tech.

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How much longer can TCU’s defense keep “saving” the Frogs? | The Star-Telegram

The big play has been brutal for the Frogs.

TCU has been prone to giving up a big play such as a third-and-25 against Iowa State. The Frogs haven’t forced many takeaways. And players such as LB/ DE Ty Summers and DE Ben Banogu have the ability to become even more productive down the stretch.

Summers lamented how many missed tackles he had in the Iowa State game, saying it’s likely the most in his career. How is he going about fixing that in today’s environment where defenders don’t take players to the ground in tackling drills?

“It’s just something you need to make a conscious effort on whenever we’re going against scout team and such,” Summers said. “Obviously we can’t take those guys to the ground, but practice on thudding them up correctly. Something I was trying to emphasize this week and I’m going to continue to emphasize is wrapping guys up cause that’s something I was struggling with.”

If history is any indication, TCU has found its next Andy Dalton in Shawn Robinson | The Star-Telegram

Not a bad guy to live up to.

Quarterback A is Shawn Robinson.

Quarterback B is former Frogs standout Andy Dalton, who is currently enjoying another stellar season for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Dalton is arguably the best signal caller in TCU history and serves as a prime example of why patience is a virtue for coaches developing players at the position.

Robinson, a DeSoto High School product, has, at times, struggled with his decision-making.

The most problematic outcome of those struggles has been the turnovers, particularly in the team’s 31-16 loss to Texas a few weeks ago.

‘He slings that thing’: TCU confident in Michael Collins if Shawn Robinson is out | The Star-Telegram

I would guess that Robinson plays next week, but if not, the Frogs have a capable replacement.

“First off, I don’t really think we have a backup quarterback,” TCU defender Ty Summers said. “I think both of those guys are guys who could start and do well for us.

“Mike’s an athletic dude for his size. He’s strong. He works really hard in the weight room and that translates on the field too. He can move around more than people think and he has a strong arm. He has probably one of the strongest arms I’ve ever seen aside from maybe Trevone Boykin. He slings that thing.

“So if it’s his time, if he needs to go in there and play, I feel very confident he can go out there and make plays.”


Francisco Farabello commits to TCU | 247 Sports

With Alex Robinson entering his final year in Fort Worth, Farabello is a perfect fit as his successor.

“Farabello is a point guard who thrives due to his high level basketball IQ,” 247Sports analyst Josh Gershon said. “He has good size and ball skills, can really pass it, changes speeds well and is a capable and improving shooter.”

Through four games in the event, Farabello averaged 8.3 points, 5.3 assists and 4.3 rebounds a game.

”Leadership, I think,” he said when asked how he can help them. “I can lead the team. Keep the team organized. They don’t have too much sets, the coach lets the players play so I think I can help a lot with creating shots and as I said before organized.”