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Did Y’all See That? Week Six Edition

In this week’s edition, we learn about Texas A&M’s not-so-secret weapon and gaze into the abyss with Rutgers.

Tulane v Cincinnati Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Week Six of the 2018 college football season had plenty of College Football 101 things to see. Oklahoma lost to Texas 48-45 and promptly fired defensive coordinator Mike Stoops, Auburn looked like steaming hot garbage in a loss to Mississippi State, and Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson exacted revenge on longtime nemesis and Louisville defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder.

I’m sure you saw all those things, because you’re a college football fan. But while you were silently weeping as you became the 5,613th person to tweet “maybe Texas really IS back this time,” there were many other things you might have missed.

It’s time once again to ask: Did Y’all See That?

Did Y’all See: Texas A&M’s punter?

It’s now a known rule that Texas has to have at least one very good special teams player with “Dick” in his name. Cameron Dicker kicked the game-winning field goal for the Longhorns against Oklahoma, but last year, it was punter Michael Dickson that captured the nations’ hearts and minds. Dickson won the Texas Bowl MVP for his performance against Utah, and has seamlessly transitioned into being a great punter for the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL.

But in College Station, the Texas A&M Aggies went deep into their Meat Science laboratory and developed an even better punter. Braden Mann had four punts — count ‘em, four — over 60 yards against Kentucky, including an 82-yarder. Alex Kirshner wrote about Mann’s dominance at length on our mothership site.

Some people burn Nike gear to Own The Libs. A&M punts better to Own The Horns.

Did Y’all See: Tulane’s uniforms against Cincinnati?

My football coach in junior high always told us: “look good, feel good, play good.” We wore terrible, torn up jerseys and old shoulder pads and didn’t score a point all year, so maybe he was right — proving a theorem by using its inverse, and all.

Tulane’s uniforms against Cincinnati were a thing of beauty. Look at these

I’d wear those pants to the club, or a funeral, or a wedding, and look perfectly at home and comfortable in all scenarios.

Did Tulane win in those? That’s neither here nor there.

Did Y’all See: The Big 10 Sadness Bowl?

I’m hoping you didn’t see Illinois play Rutgers. I sincerely, sincerely hope you didn’t. That game is what they run on a loop on maximum security prison TVs as a form of punishment.

But — it is a game that happened, and Illinois beat Rutgers 38-17. The Illini are now above .500 on the season! Rutgers is very much not. I’m sorry, Rutgers. It’s not your fault.

Did Y’all See: San Diego State beat Boise State?

Two games into the season, Boise State looked unbeatable, and we were calling them the “Murder Smurfs” after they ground Connecticut into a fine paste. But now the Broncos are 3-2, and just lost 19-13 at home to a San Diego State team that is only slightly better than average.

I don’t know how this happened either. This is probably the strangest result of the week, all things considered, and it most likely takes Boise State out of the running for the G5 New Years’ Six bowl bid.

Did Y’all See: Texas State coach Everett Withers getting feisty?

Fun fact: the first college football game I ever attended was a Texas State—Southeastern Louisiana game in San Marcos in 2009 with my friend Charlie Reyna (shoutout to the Reyn Man). Bay City Black Cats legend Da’Marcus Griggs had nine catches for 102 yards and a touchdown, but the Bobcats lost 51-50 in overtime when they missed an extra point to tie the game.

Nine years later, the program has jumped to the FBS level, but the misery has remained the same. Texas State head coach Everett Withers got a little testy with reporters after losing 42-27 to the Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns and dropping to 1-4 this year.

Come for Withers giving non-answers to questions, but stay for the reporters in the room giving him as much sass as possible.

Withers: “I’m not going to tell you what the play was, in case I want to use it again.”

Reporter: “Well, I don’t mean the exact vernacular, just the type of play.”


Reporter: “ Okay. I’ll watch film.”