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TCU News: ‘This program is used to winning’

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3 takeaways from Gary Patterson’s Monday teleconference | Dallas Morning News

Patterson is working to ensure that this season doesn’t leak into 2019.

“We need to understand that this program is used to winning and you need to find a way to improve and don’t let this happen again,” Patterson said. “It’s why we’ve always bounced back in following seasons.”

TCU coach Gary Patterson on struggling offense: All of us have to make more plays | Fort Worth Star Telegram

Patterson isn’t placing the blame on any one person, but rather is calling for the entire unit to make more plays.

“We have to do a better job with the pressure aspect of things,” Patterson said. “The answer really is our whole group, not just the quarterback, all of us have to make more plays. When we get a chance to have a critical catch, you can’t drop it on third down. Runs, we’ve got to make sure we do things. We can’t hurt ourselves with penalties.”