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Did Y’all See That? Week 11 Edition

From Mike Gundy’s millennial crusade to Adventures in Pac 12 refereeing, there’s plenty to see this week.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

On the surface level, this week in college football wasn’t all that exciting. No Top 10 teams lost — none even came particularly close. The only big news was that Bobby Petrino’s tenure at Louisville came to an end after a merciless shellacking at the hands of Syracuse. Think about that, for a minute. Syracuse signed his pink slip! That’s the second funniest outcome for a Petrino job. The funniest? Well:


Anyway — just because there weren’t big name losses doesn’t mean there weren’t things worth seeing. For the eleventh time this year, turn to your neighbor in the cubicle next door and ask: Did Y’all See That?

Did Y’all See: Mike Gundy’s temper tantrum?

Mike, baby, we need to talk. The Oklahoma State head coach should be easy to like — a perennial underdog when compared to Oklahoma, a man with a mullet, a man who famously was once 40 years old.

But lately, Gundy has been turning into an old curmudgeon, and not in the fun way. For a man who coaches millennials, he sure does seem to hate them a lot. Case in point: this answer in a press conference Monday.

The irony here, of course, is that Gundy is talking about players transferring from the program. Gundy has famously courted every available job in college football and used a potential move as leverage to get raises from Oklahoma State. It’s incredibly hypocritical, and it’s a bad look all around. It’s one thing to be angry after a loss — it’s another to be dismissive of players’ rights and an entire generation of young adults, who, by the way, Gundy has been tasked with leading and molding.

But hey, at least he’s got a mullet, right?

Did Y’all See: USC is in a spot of bother?

Clay Helton, the current holder of the title of College Football’s Most Anonymous Coach, is having himself a rough time. USC is 5-5, 4-4 in the Pac 12 and just lost to Cal, a team that is already bowl eligible, unlike USC.

The Trojans did lose Sam Darnold, a first-round draft pick who is now busy throwing interceptions for the New York Jets. But that’s no excuse for the complete mediocrity USC has sank into. This is most likely Helton’s last year with the program.

Did Y’all See: How Oregon lost?

I was all prepared to make fun of the Ducks for spiking the ball with no time left on the clock down six to Utah. But upon closer review, that wouldn’t be justified.

Folks — it is with a heavy heart that I announce that the Pac 12 refs are at it again. Oregon clearly had a case that time should be put back on the clock. Instead of hearing them out, the referees jogged to the locker room. Game over.

See for yourself!


Did Y’all See: The SMU-UConn game?

What on earth happened here? SMU gave up 50 points to an anemic UConn offense — and still won, because SMU put up 62 points, including six rushing touchdowns.

The over/under on this game was 67 points. SMU was five points away from hitting that on its own.

Strange things happen in East Hartford, Connecticut. The UConn football program might be the strangest of them all.

Did Y’all See: Pitt’s average yards per rush against Virginia Tech?

It was 13.7. Pittsburgh average 13.7 yards per rush against Virginia Tech. The Panthers ran the ball 36 times for 492 yards. I don’t have a joke for that, because the stats themselves are funny enough to survive on their own.

Alex Kirshner at our mothership site wrote at length about the atrocities Pitt committed against the Hokies. Go read it, and then go take a bath, because it will make you feel dirty.