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TCU News: Joe Broadnax’s career is over, will Justin Rogers play this year?

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Career of veteran TCU defensive tackle likely over due to undisclosed medical condition | Fort Worth Star Telegram

Broadnax’s condition was discovered while TCU participated in a study on concussions, but his condition is not concussion related.

The medical condition was discovered this summer when Broadnax underwent an MRI as part of a study TCU’s football program is involved with to assist in prevention and treatment of concussions.

Broadnax’s diagnosis happened during that study, but is not a concussion-related issue. Patterson couldn’t elaborate on the specifics, but said symptoms had surfaced in recent weeks that forced Broadnax to sit out last Saturday’s West Virginia game.

TCU’s Joe Broadnax out with undisclosed medical condition | ESPN

According to Patterson, this isn’t something Broadnax would have discovered for a long time if they hadn’t been doing the study.

Broadnax’s condition isn’t concussion-related, but Patterson said the player is going “to have an opportunity to live a lot longer because they caught it.” The coach said it might have gone undetected for 10 to 20 years otherwise, and that there is medicine that can help.

Is prized freshman Justin Rogers an option at QB for TCU these final two games? | Fort Worth Star Telegram


“Justin Rogers would’ve already taken a couple snaps if he was totally cleared to be able to do everything he needs to do,” coach Gary Patterson said on Tuesday.

Gary Patterson knows TCU needs to hit the reset button in the long run, but this is what he’s worrying about now | Dallas Morning News

Is the Baylor game a “must-win” situation for TCU? GP has some thoughts.

“Do we want to win? Yes, we’ve got to win,” Patterson said. “Is it a must? You want to have some urgency about doing it, but I don’t think you’re panicking. If you’re not careful, you cause a lot more problems than you do about the other side.

”When you’re struggling, what you need to do is worry about you.”

KaVontae Turpin’s attorney: New Mexico incident was ‘disagreement between two adults’ | Fort Worth Star Telegram

That’s certainly one way to put it.

“I’ve reviewed the case carefully and I do not believe the evidence supports a conviction for any type of crime,” said Rudy Chavez, an Albuquerque-based attorney.

“All my interactions with KaVontae say he’s a fine young man, and he’ll get this behind him very shortly.”