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JT’s Jungle: Bama Don’t Even Want Bama

And why would they?

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Solid week last week (4-2). I forgot that after weeks of taking it in the shorts that I am actually really good at making picks. I should remember this more often. Alabama covering by .5 is symphonic. They are truly the physical embodiment of greatness. In other news, Las Vegas released lines for the hypothetical of Alabama playing the Buffalo Bills on a neutral field. Alabama would be getting 28.5 points. Roll Tide. Also, the Alabama line is not listed this week, so you’ll have to contact your local bookie for some action. At any rate, I would still take the Tide regardless of the line.

Alright, let’s get into it.

All game lines are taken Thursday at 10:45 am CST

Game One: #12 (WHA?!) Syracuse (8-2) vs. #3 Notre Dame (10-0)

The Fighting Irish are 10.5 point favorites in this game that is being played at Yankee Stadium in New York. Maybe it’s because in down years for the Frogs I am less inclined to follow the sport as a whole, but I am extremely shocked that Syracuse is ranked in the top 15.

MY PICK: Irish

MY REASON: I am basing this off of the fact that it’s Syracuse, and it just seems like I am living in Bizarro World these days. I need some normalcy in my life. I need Notre Dame to cover here.

Game Two: #16 Iowa State (6-3) at # 15 Texas (7-3)

Texas is a 2.5 favorite at home Against Iowa State. Iowa State has been rolling ever since their last loss, which was to TCU, and which also seems like it was last season. Texas has had its ups and downs this season, which is to be expected for a team that is back. This matchup should be a great game.

MY PICK: Iowa State

MY REASON: This is a bet the farm type of bet for me. I have a feeling Iowa State going to destroy Texas this week. I would bet Iowa State on the money line here, but if you like the cushion, take the points and be ready to cash out when the game is over.

Game Three: TCU (4-6) at Baylor (5-5)

The Revivalry is not dead when both teams are equally bad and are playing for bowl eligibility. Baylor has made great strides since both the scandals and the dismal season they had last year. TCU is having a down year, but hopefully Gary will get the guys ready for battle this week.

MY PICK: Frogs

MY REASON: This might actually be one game where I think the frogs can win. A sentiment I have not been able to share since the Texas game. I candidly think Baylor is the better team, but I think we’re going to have a couple lucky bounces fall our way, and we will come out with the victory and will have gloating rights over the school 90 miles south of us.


FYI: This was a terrible week for picking games so I only have three games this week. Seriously, if you feel like you have neglected your significant other this football season (guilty), this is the perfect opportunity to score some points that will curry favor into the bowl season.