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MMQB: Mule-ing over a win

The Frogs went down to Waco and won despite a very thin roster.

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

3rd string QB.

A lot of injuries, and a very thin roster.

On the road.

And yet...the Frogs still beat Baylor, and held them to under 10 points.



Oh how sweet it is to humiliate your rival when your season has gone to hell. It’s like that scene in The Shawshank Redemption where the main character is crawling through the sewer pipes on burrito night, but he keeps crawling because he sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Four wins against Baylor in a row is truly sweet, and makes putting up with this season slightly more worth it.

While this game as a whole, despite the final score, was pretty bad...let’s jump into the good:

The Good

-Jalen “Big Daddy” Reagor: Would we have won this game without Reagor? I don’t truly know. However, considering he scored both of our touchdowns, by breaking tackles and using his elite speed to find the end zone it’s hard to not give him game MVP honors. JR danced around defenders, jumped over some defenders, and put on the afterburners and just torched some guys in this one. If he keeps this up he’s going to go pro at the end of next season, but I just have to say it has been an absolute pleasure watching Reagor put this offense on his back game after game. His touchdown streak extended to 6 and that passes Josh Doctson for the record for consecutive games with a receiving tuddy. Love you JR<3

-Ben “Ostrich Eggs” Banogu: This one is pretty on brand for me, considering he has been one of few things that I have found enjoyment in this TCU season. There were drives where he was single handedly keeping us in the game. He laid the boom against Baylor QB, Charlie Brewer, several times and it was clear that the sophomore QB was feeling it. Ben finished his day with a team high nine solo tackles, one sack, and four tackles for loss. Man I am going to miss him so much next year.

-The defense as a whole: Ladies and gents we held our arch rival Baylor Bears under 10 points today, only giving up one touchdown (missed xp), and a field goal. They recovered 2 fumbles, caught an interception, and allowed this TCU team to finish with a positive turnover ratio for the first time in what feels like forever. When your offense is as bad as ours (we’ll get there in a second), that is how you are going to win games - positive turnover ratio. The defense really wanted the ciabatta on Saturday, and they got after that bread.

-Beating Baylor with your 3rd string QB: Shout out to the “Let Grayson Muehlstein loose and let him sling it” running joke for the past 4 years that actually came true today. That man has college nailed down. Earn a full ride, never start a game, have no pressure on your shoulders, take that free education, come in for back up duty and beat your arch rival on the road, get remembered as a hero. He should honestly just retire now, cause it ain’t getting any better than that. THE MAN HAS PEAKED. Good for you Grayson!

The Bad

-More injuries: Ty Summers came back to play in this game and then got hurt again. That’s tragic, especially because of how close he was to breaking Travin Howard’s all time tackles record. That’s heart breaking to see, but is sadly the norm on this team so far this year. We’ve suffered so many injuries, but the boys keep fighting and hopefully this experience will help make this team get some more wins next year.

-The offense, again: Can’t seem to say this enough times, but our offense is

*Clears throat*






I understand that we are on our 3rd string QB, RB, have shuffled through a couple of O-lineman and that it’s not fair to expect the high scores that the Boykin and Doctson years put up. Doesn’t mean a boy can’t dream. I mean, this is where coaching comes in though. Good coaches come up with schemes to make the talent difference much more manageable. Not saying there was a talent margin in this game, but looking at college football as a whole, see: Central Florida, University. This year has been a huge head scratcher in a lot of areas. Offensive play calling is up there, especially now that I can’t seem to blame the O-line as much, since they do seem to be playing better.

Life is an enigma, and so is this football team. We’ll just have to keep following along to find out I suppose. We are one win away from a bowl and if we can make one of those then I’m considering this season a success.

Play of the game:

Easy money, give me the first Reagor touchdown (where he may or may not have stepped out of bounds, but shut up Mason and play the hits).

Next Week: Senior Day against the Pokes

Oh lawd, let’s hope that this one does not go the same way the last time we played Oklahoma State after beating Baylor on the road. If the Frogs want to control their destiny, make it to a bowl game and get those post season reps, then they are going to have to take it to the team that just upset West Virginia and derailed their CFB playoff hopes.

Oh boy. It’s going to take a lot of blind homerism from all of us this week, so let’s show up and send these seniors off with a good crowd.

-Geaux Frogs