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TCU Men’s Basketball moves to No. 18 in AP Poll

The Frogs are moving on up!

Melissa Triebwasser

TCU men’s basketball jumped from No. 21 to No. 18 in this week’s AP poll, thanks to a 77-69 win over Fresno State, paired with a few other teams losing.

No. 8 Villanova and No. 15 Syracuse both dropped completely from the rankings, following 0-2 weeks for both teams. Villanova dropped games to now-No. 9 Michigan and Furman, while Syracuse lost to Connecticut and Oregon.

The Ducks, meanwhile, were the third team to drop behind the Frogs. Oregon moved from No. 13 to No. 21 despite beating Syracuse one day after losing to 4-0 and now-ranked No. 20 Iowa. These voters can be cruel and unusual, man.

Speaking of voters, there is one brave man who willingly speaks truth to power. His name is Theo Lawson of the Spokesman-Review, based in Spokane, Washington. He ranked TCU 14th, higher than any other, and for that we commend him.

Five voters had TCU at 15, and three had the Frogs at 16, while the bulk of the voters, 30 to be exact, had TCU somewhere between 17-20.

Meanwhile, Seth Davis continues to lead the TCU hate train as he, along with a dozen of his cronies, left TCU off their ballots altogether.

Kansas remained No. 2 behind Duke, while Kansas State stayed steady at No. 12. Texas, West Virginia, Iowa State, and Texas Tech also all received votes.

TCU hosts Lipscomb (3-1, with a recent win over SMU) on Tuesday night at 7pm at Schollmeier Arena.