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TCU News: Basketball suffers first loss of the season, Big 12 started this NFL trend

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Links O’ War
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Just stirring it up: TCU coach Gary Patterson explains response to “retirement” rumors | The Star-Telegram

Wonder if he was referencing another Big 12 coach?

“I had a couple high school coaches tell me that was being said,” Patterson said. “If it’s an assistant coach saying it, it’s one thing. If it’s a head coach saying it, it’s another thing. No big deal. I just wanted them to know that I knew.”

Patterson then talked about how much longer he’d like to coach. He’s the second-longest tenured head coach in the FBS, trailing only Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz.

“Well, I want to coach as long as I enjoy the game,” Patterson said. “Hopefully Saturday looked like I still enjoyed the game.”

Patterson pointed to his passion for the game as why he’s remained the play-caller on defense. He doesn’t seem interested in becoming a walk-around head coach.

“Some days it’s the only thing you like about being a head coach is the game, practice and all those kinds of things,” Patterson said. “If I ever get to the point where I think I hurt the program, they won’t have to tell me.”


3 takeaways from TCU’s 73-64 loss to Lipscomb: Late rally not enough for No. 18 Horned Frogs to overcome scoring drought, turnovers | Sports Day

It will take time to work Fish and Noi back into the flow.

The loss for the Horned Frogs -- the team’s first ever under Dixon in the month of November -- was largely self-inflicted. TCU committed 16 turnovers opposed to Lipscomb’s 10 and only shot 56 percent (14-25) from the free-throw line while shooting 44 percent (22-50) from the field. Senior guard Alex Robinson was an uncharacteristic 2-5 from the line in the loss. Despite out-rebounding Lipscomb 37-30, TCU was also dominated by the Bisons in the paint as the Horned Frogs were outscored 42-26.

”This is probably a good loss for us,” said TCU senior forward JD Miller, who had 11 points and three rebounds in the loss. “This opened our eyes up for real today. We’ll be ready [going forward].”

Is this the season Nebraska, TCU make tournament history? | ESPN

This team is good enough to make a run, but has a lot of work left to do to get there.

There are just four major-conference teams that still, after 19 annual opportunities, haven’t won a single NCAA tournament game since 2000: Nebraska, TCU, Oregon State and Rutgers.

No team wants to wants to find itself on this list, of course, but the AP’s pollsters are at least giving hope to two of these programs. TCU clocks in at No. 18 in the latest AP poll, while Nebraska lurks just outside the top 25 as the first team under “others receiving votes.”

Maybe the pollsters are on to something. Maybe this is “the year,” in Lincoln, in Fort Worth, or possibly even in both places.

TCU’s Gary Patterson: Why are Big 12 games viewed as a ‘negative’ amid praise for Rams-Chiefs game? | Sports Day

Can we finally erase this narrative?

“How many Big 12 teams have, in a season, won where they only scored 17, 16 and 14 and lost one 17-14?” Patterson remarked. “But ‘nobody plays a good defense.’ We’ve played won three ballgames where we haven’t scored 20 points.”

TCU’s 5-6 record after a preseason No. 16 ranking, undoubtedly, hasn’t helped the Horned Frogs in terms of national limelight this season. Regardless, more high-flying performances are set to come for the Big 12 this weekend and into future seasons. And with recent trends, that might soon become more typical in the NFL as well.