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Did Y’all See That? Week 13 Edition

From College Station to Wake Forest (?), the final week of the regular season had plenty of things to see.

LSU v Texas A&M Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I announce that the 2018 regular season of college football is over.

Think of all the things we’ve seen — from message board meltdowns to wacky uniforms to Nebraska-Michigan State finishing a game at 6-9. And through this wild ride, we’ve never seen anything quite like what we saw last week at Texas A&M-LSU.

No, I’m not talking about the game. I’m talking about the postgame. Maybe you’ve seen it — I’m sure you have — but I’d be remiss if we didn’t head down to Aggieland for the first part of this week’s edition of “Did Y’all See That?”

Did Y’all See: The scrappin’ at the end of Texas A&M-LSU?

Full disclosure: I was not rooting for the Aggies in this one. But after that incredible, anarchic game ended, I was so moved that I had to text a few A&M friends of mine and congratulate them. They were all very gracious and nice about it and seemed genuinely thrilled, and I was happy for them.

Well, as it turned out, not all Ags are created equal. A young man in an A&M shirt that may or not be allegedly related to Jimbo Fisher punched or pushed Steve Kragthorpe — an LSU official with Parkinson’s and a pacemaker. That A&M man promptly caught a straight right to the chin from Kevin Faulk, a former NFL running back and noted Guy In Good Shape.

Texas A&M won a game in seven overtimes, and still all anyone can talk about is Aggies Behaving Badly. I find that tremendously funny.

Did Y’all See: How Arkansas finished the season?

I’m a noted Chad Morris appreciator and I was very happy to see him take the job at Arkansas. I thought he’d have the Razorbacks ready to make noise in the SEC with a revamped offense, and even if Arkansas didn’t win many games, I thought they’d be competitive.

Let’s see how that turned out!

Oh no.

Arkansas finished 123rd in the country in points per game this season with an average of 18.6. The Razorbacks had a worse offense than UConn and were only one spot above UTEP.

Is that bad? It seems bad. Let’s hope for a better year in 2019 for Chad and company.

Did Y’all See: Mike Leach’s comments about the Texas Tech job?

Mike Leach was asked about the vacancy at Texas Tech, which had just fired Kliff Kingsbury. Leach coached the Red Raiders before leaving acrimoniously in 2009, and apparently there was a large contingent of Tech boosters looking to bring him back. Rumors flew that Leach could be pried away from Wazzu for the right price.

Leach, uh, put those rumors to bed Monday in an interview with Joel Anderson.

Here’s my completely-not-true conspiracy theory — it’s not an original one, I’ve seen it on Reddit, but I like it.

Leach was sad after Wazzu lost to Washington Friday. He needed a pick-me-up. So to make himself feel better, he leaked false rumors that he might be interested in the Tech job. Then when asked about those rumors, he took the opportunity to dunk on his old employer one last time. He hung up the phone, smiled his pirate smile, then went back to reading books about 1890s beekeeping or whatever the hell it is he does with his spare time.

Did Y’all See: Western Kentucky fired Mike Sanford?

Of all the coach firings and hirings this weekend, Sanford’s dismissal might have been the least discussed, and that’s fair. But I think it’s weird that he got let go after just two seasons.

Sure, Sanford had a 9-16 record over his two years. And sure, the Hilltoppers went 3-9 this season despite ending 2018 with a win over Louisiana Tech. But he’s only 36 years old, and the program was bound to take a downturn after Jeff Brohm left for Purdue.

And — this is the crucial thing — who are you going to get? You’re Western Kentucky, for crying out loud. There’s a better job opening two hours up the road in Louisville! It’s not like they have a definite coach-in-waiting somewhere else.

This feels like a panic firing.

Did Y’all See: Wake Forest beat the snot out of Duke?

My aunt Donna is the dean of housing at Wake Forest. My inclination as a red-blooded American is to hate Duke. I derived great pleasure from this game.

Wake won 59-7, scoring 21 points in the first quarter and 14 in both the third and fourth quarters. The Demon Deacons put up 340 yards on the ground and outgained Duke overall 517-251.

Two weeks ago, Duke quarterback Daniel Jones was ranked above Will Grier on an NFL Draft board. This week, Jones went 17-36 for 145 yards, one touchdown and one interception against Wake by-God Forest.

Sure, man. Whatever.