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MMQB: Cats In the Cradle

The Frogs win a close one to pick up their first win in a month

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Texas Christian Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

THE DROUGHT IS FINALLY OVER! Four long weeks have gone by without TCU adding one into the win column - oh boy what a season this has been, but I’m not trying to get down after a dub. The Frogs are 4-5 and are one step closer to bowl eligibility. There’s still a ways to go to get to the post season, but things are at least more interesting now.

The Frogs beat the Kansas State Wildcats 14-13, after the latter missed the game tying extra point try. That is certainly one way to win a game, but all that matters is that we won. That being said, let’s dive in to this one...and for the first time in a month, I write this one with a chipper mood:

The Good:

  • The Weather - Say what you want about the actual game, the weather was near perfect football watching/playing weather. If you ignored the early wind, it was great. I really do wish that was what it felt like in August and September, because man I’d get to games an extra hour early and watch Big 12 highlights if it felt like that every Saturday.
  • The Defense - Our defense gave a great effort today and forced two turnovers! However, they proceeded to fumble the fumble that they caused, but let’s act like that never happened. The Frogs held K-State to 13 points, and while they did a lot of bending, they forced turnovers when it mattered and stood their ground. Special shout out to LJ Collier who had two sacks on the day and was kicking butt all game long. Did the intentional grounding call save our season?... I honestly don’t know
  • Turnover Free Michael Collins - Does Collins have the ceiling of Rogers or Robinson? After what I’ve seen through 3 appearances, it does not look like it. That being said, Collins holds onto the ball like a danged professional and that was huge for us today. Hats off to the sophomore for not losing us the game, and even though he didn’t put up monster stats, his smart play was a major key for us securing the W.
  • Players Stepping Up - Unfortunately due to injury it appears that Ty Summers and Niko Small may miss seeing the field for the rest of the regular season. Thankfully, linebacker Jawuan Johnson and safety Markell Simmons both stepped up biiiiiiiig time in this contest. Johnson was flying across the field, recovered the fumble on the muffed KSU punt and had 10 total tackles on the day. Markell Simmons finished his day with an interception (that was in the end zone) and had 8 tackles. It’s good to see the next man up mentality really taking hold right now, because on the road in Morgantown next week...we are really going to need everyone to step up if we want to have a chance at the upset.
  • Jalen Reagor *insert heart eyes emoji here* - Other than having the game winning 67 touchdown reception where he told the defender to “GET OFF ME CHILD’S PLAY”, this belongs in the good section because Jalen Reagor is good at football and I like when we run the play called “Get the ball to Reagor”.
  • The Purple on Purple Uniforms - THESE SHOULD BE OUR HOME UNIFORMS FOR EVERY GAME OTHER THAN A BLACKOUT. These are the uniforms that make us look as close to a blue blood program as possible. Purple, purple, white is a classy look that represents our schools colors and to be honest, looks real freaking nice. I’m not big on the frog skin but this combo just looks good and it represents our university so well. We have only worn this specific combo 3 times since they were integrated in 2015 so GARY LET’S WEAR THESE MORE.

The Bad:

  • A moment to talk about this offense - Ughhhhh this was a headache. I’m glad we won the game, but goodness gracious watching this game was like getting teeth pulled. The entire game I was waiting for us to blow the game late, because that is how this season had gone...and I truly hate being a pessimistic TCU fan. The offense was bad. We were only able to score on 2 of our 12 offensive drives, and one of them was gifted to us in the red zone by a muffed punt. I don’t know what the solution is, because the offensive line has looked better (FINALLY A SIGN OF IMPROVEMENT AND OF HOPE FOR THE FUTURE). It is just sad that it had to happen after our starting QB had season ending shoulder surgery. That being said, I am glad to see improvement, but if we only put up 14 points next week in Morgantown, we can kiss that game goodbye. Will Grier and that receiving core is going to get their’s and we need to be able to do the same.
  • Losing to Kansas last week - still not over it. That being said, glad that if it had to happen, that it happened this season when we are literal booty. Also, shout out to all of you who read last week’s MMQB and continued to read this week’s. Things got really weird after last week’s loss, but hey I grieved in a weird way.
  • I don’t really have anything else to say was explicitly “bad”. On the bright side Anderson got a lot of carries which was good, even if they weren’t all for 5 yard gains, it’s good to see him being working back in as a major part of the offense. That being said, the offense still couldn’t capitalize and I don’t know what the “fix” is. We’ll just have to wait and see if this offense improves with time and more reps.

Play of the game:

This is the easiest part of the article. Jalen Reagor taking the defensive back’s lunch. Telling him to go sit at the children’s table, and scoring the game winning touchdown will get you the play of the game:

Next Week: A trip down some Country Roads

Oh boy. This one is going to be tough to pull off the win, but if there were any time to make a statement that even though the Frogs are having a down season, they shouldn’t be trifled with, now is the time.

-Go Frogs