The Big Bowl

It was about 930 Texas time, Wedneday night. I was in a bad place because things were not going the way I’d hoped they would. The bottom seemed to have fallen out of this bowl. My phone dinged.

"This is awful," one of the friends in a group text wrote, and I couldn’t have agreed more. But there is some comfort in having friends to commiserate with.

The other guy replied, "I’m going to have a stroke watching this disaster." It warmed my troubled heart, the way my buds were able to put into words the exact way I was feeling.

"Gary doesn’t look like he’s having a good time," one wrote, and the other replied "Would you??"

Gary. Gary? Was I missing something?

My phone dinged again. "We have 10 passing yards on 16 pass attempts."

Ohhh,. Sportsball. I’d wondered how my friends could possibly have known I was streaming the Christmas episodes of the British Baking Show and that Val was in big trouble—like the bottom was falling out of her mixing bowl!

A quick internet search told me that TCU was facing Cal In a Cheez-it Bowl. Sounds delicious! After offering up a couple of RiffRams to the Great Horned Frog (I’m not COMPLETELY clueless—I don’t like to brag, but I’ve attended THREE football games since 1989), I refreshed my search page periodically to keep up with what was going on in the game and my group text.

Luckily the Frogs pulled it off in overtime. My friends were so excited and I was happy for them, for Gary, and all the Frogs

Things didn’t work out so well for Val.

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