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TCU vs. SMU Game Thread: Frogs & Ponies in a DFW Showdown

The Frogs play in their first true road game of the season, as they travel across the Metroplex to face SMU.

Jamie Plunkett

TCU sits at 6-1, looking to win their third straight, as they face the Mustangs of SMU.

As the Frogs get healthier, they get more offensively capable. Adding Jaylen Fisher back to the starting lineup, and watching him get healthier right before our eyes, has truly helped the Frogs.

Before last year’s victory in Fort Worth, TCU had lost four consecutive games to the Mustangs, but now they look to start a streak of their own against their crosstown rival.

So sit back, watch the game, and chat along with us.

Who knows, you may even get a little #FOWAfterDark by the second half.

Go Frogs.