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TCU News: Casey Pachall tells his story, TCU women suffer tough loss

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Former TCU QB credits Gary Patterson for changing his life | Fort Worth Star Telegram

Pachall hasn’t said much publicly about his rollercoaster time at TCU, but in this fantastic piece he tells his side of the story, and talks about how Gary Patterson changed his life.

“I was being self-centered, reckless and not smart at all,” said Pachall, now 27. “It was a rough experience. It was tough to go through, but I have learned from it. [Patterson] was disappointed, but he did everything he could … exhausted all resources he could to help me down the road.

“He did his very best to stay positive. [Many people probably thought] I bet you the first thing that crossed his mind was to beat this kid with a bat. He did none of that. He didn’t yell ... he said ‘we need to get you straight.’”

TCU ex Diarse says there’s a difference in playing hurt and playing injured | Fort Worth Star Telegram

Diarse was asked about Kolby Listenbee and the lawsuit against TCU while training for his pro day. His response was solid, as he managed to speak a good point, while not throwing either side under the bus. A portion of his response is below, read the article to see the rest of what Diarse had to say.

“Being injured is something that takes you out of the game that you actually need recovery and medical attention for. There is two different aspects of it. My personal belief, again everybody is different, just from me personally, there’s a difference between the two. Some guys can play hurt, some guys can’t play hurt. It’s a mentality thing I believe. Injuries, obviously, I wouldn’t encourage anybody to play with an injury, a true injury, something that needs serious medical attention.

“Every situation is different, everybody is different and the mentality judges that result.”

Women’s Basketball

TCU loses heartbreaker to Iowa State |

Coach Pebley called the loss “disappointing.”

“This is a disappointing loss for sure for our team. It’s hard to sweep teams in our conference, and this time of the year every single possession is so important. You have to have a sense of urgency, especially when you’re playing against a team that shoots the three as well as Iowa State is right now.” -- Raegan Pebley

TCU women stumble at home to Iowa State in 4th straight loss | Fort Worth Star Telegram

TCU missed two game-tying attempts as time expired, as they dropped a game they shouldn’t have, 66-63.

The Horned Frogs (16-9, 7-7), who erased an 11-point deficit late in the third quarter, lost their fourth straight game following seven straight victories.