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TCU News: Lawsuit Doesn’t Sit Well With Fans, Hoops Deflecting Their Way to Wins

Former TCU WR Kolby Listenbee has made waves with his stunning lawsuit against TCU and the Big 12.

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Former TCU Football Player Sues School Over Alleged Abuse | NBC DFW

It’s a truly unfortunate situation all the way around.

Listenbee alleges that the injections of steroids and pain medications, lack of rest due to harassment and abuse from the coaching staff, and strenuous play of football caused his pelvic cartilage to damage to the point where a metal plate had to be inserted to fuse the bones, essentially ending his chances at the NFL career that he would have had.

Listenbee’s lawsuit is asking for damages in excess of $1 million.

TCU counters in Listenbee case, claims school is not liable for doctors’ actions | The Star-Telegram

Hopefully, this is an issue of miscommunication and misdiagnosis, not malicious intent against a student athlete.

“Employees or agents of JPS Physician Group were not to be deemed or construed to be the employees of TCU for any purpose,” TCU’s petition asserts. “Kirk and Mogonye’s services for TCU as pertaining to Listenbee were pursuant to the contract.”

According to TCU’s petition for declaratory relief, Listenbee’s lawyer sent a letter on Sept. 13, 2017, “threatening to sue TCU and certain employees and alleged agents under the Texas Medical Liability Act.” In that letter, the petition states, “They allege TCU is vicariously liable for the alleged acts or omissions of its employees, including an allegation that the JPSPG physicians are agents and/or employees of TCU.”

That letter, and an earlier letter in which a draft petition was sent to TCU, Listenbee threatened to file suit against TCU in Tarrant County District Court.

‘Absolutely pathetic’: Social media blasts ex-TCU receiver in wake of harassment lawsuit | The Star-Telegram

Come on, people, let this thing play out before you start ripping either side.

Social media was abuzz Thursday upon learning former TCU wide receiver Kolby Listenbee is suing TCU and the Big 12 Conference for a pattern of abuse and harassment.

Reactions on social media to the lawsuit ranged from confusion to anger, with many – like Fort Worth residents Steve Munday and Benjamin Montes – claiming Listenbee is blaming TCU head coach Gary Patterson, the university and others for a lackluster NFL career of his own doing.

“Victimhood as a second career choice,” one Facebook user wrote.

Waffles and Chicken & Biscuits Will Soon Land at Ft. Worth’s New Food Hall | Eater Dallas

Hey, it’s good football news!

Former TCU football player David Hawthorne is bringing his barbecue food truck Not Just Q to the Foodhall. Chef Eric Hansen’s inventive menu like brisket nachos and tacos served with Mexican slaw will be making its way to the permanent location, along with monthly rotating features chosen by customers.


For TCU hoops, defense starts with a rarely used statistic | The Star-Telegram

I disagree with rarely used... deflections are a stat any defensive minded coach pays attention to.

“The games we’ve won we reached or came near the goal and the games we lost we fell short,” TCU guard Desmond Bane said. “Those deflections are a good way to track our energy on defense and our aggression.”

The Frogs aim for 40 deflections a game, which seemed like a high number to Bane at first. But it’s a part of defense, while often overlooked, that can lead to steals, which can lead to easy transition baskets.

“Defense has been one of the things we’ve been really emphasizing in practice the last couple of weeks,” Bane said. “We really feel like if we can improve and become a better team defensively then we can do some special things.”