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TCU Basketball at Iowa State: Gamethread

The Frogs need a road win tonight to bolster their resume. Can they get one against a short-handed Cyclones team in Ames?

Melissa Triebwasser

We have been saying this a lot lately, but this is a game the Frogs really need to win. With the schedule shortening and the opportunities to prove their worth getting fewer and fewer, TCU has a chance to go on the road and make a statement against on of the league's "worst teams" - you know, one that only has wins against Texas Tech, Baylor, Oklahoma, and West Virginia.

ISU will be without two, and possibly three players tonight, so in a rarity, it won't be the Frogs that are severely undermanned from the tip. But winning in Hilton is never easy, and I don't care if the Clones suit up four healthy players and a corn stalk, it still won't be easy.

It will cost you a cool $7 for a 24 hour pass to watch this game, so if you would rather not splurge for Cyclone TV, you can chat along with us here.