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TCU News: Frog Basketball Should Never Play on a Saturday Again

Weekend games have not been kind to Jamie Dixon’s team in 2018.

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TCU men’s basketball has now lost on 6 consecutive Saturdays | Austin-American Statesman


Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017: TCU 89, Oklahoma 90

Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018: TCU 84, Kansas 88

Saturday, Jan. 13, 2018: TCU 97, Oklahoma 102 (OT)

Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018: TCU 68, Kansas State 73

Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018: TCU 78, Vanderbilt 81

Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018: TCU 71, Texas Tech 83

TCU’s next Saturday contest on the hardwood will come against Texas on Feb. 10. The Horned Frogs have defeated the Longhorns in each of their last two visits to Fort Worth. Jamie Dixon and co. can only hope that streak will extend to three in seven days.


Big ‘V’ didn’t know football would take him from Haltom High to Super Bowl LII | The Star-Telegram

If you missed this earlier in the week, it’s a great read. And even more relevant now as Big V helps the Eagles bring it home.

He is not as good as injured perennial All-Pro Jason Peters, who rivals Tyron Smith of the Dallas Cowboys as one of the best left tackles in the game.

But Vaitai is younger, cheaper, and potentially just as reliable.

“That’s their decision,” Vaitai said. “My job is to do what I do, protect the quarterback.

“I’m just getting more and more comfortable. I just need more repetition and more experience. I guess that’s how you get better.”

In a QB-driven conference, which team has the best chance to represent Big 12 in the College Football Playoff? | Sports Day

We have seen just a little of Shawn Robinson, but there is enough coming back to make the Frogs a viable threat in a Big 12 Conference that will have a lot of new faces behind center.

Adam Grosbard: Despite the fact that they both lost their starting quarterbacks, I’d look to Oklahoma and TCU as the front runners. OU has a very complete team that will possibly alleviate some of the concerns around Kyler Murray, and TCU hopes the same can be said for Shawn Robinson. Both were talented kids in the DFW in high school and could be able to keep their teams in the playoff hunt in 2018.

This time, with emphasis: Of course recruiting rankings matter | 247 Sports

Anyone that watched either of the TCU-Oklahoma games saw the difference on the field... at the end of the day, stock-piling four and five star talent makes a difference - and TCU is just now starting to do that. The Frogs have been good, very good, in fact, but haven’t quite gotten to that elite level. Yet.

This past season, seven of the teams in the Top 10 had a five-star player on their roster – only Wisconsin, UCF and TCU did not. Of those 10 teams, only Wisconsin, UCF, TCU and Penn State failed to produce a top-10 class within the last four years. It should be noted the Nittany Lions will have a top-10 class in 2018.

Looking at the other six seasons, just 12 teams did not have a five-star prospect on its roster: Two in 2016 (Washington, Wisconsin), three in 2015 (TCU, Houston, Iowa), two in 2014 (TCU and Georgia Tech), one in 2013 (Central Florida), none in 2012 and four in 2011 (Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, Boise State and Stanford).

Some teams (Wisconsin and TCU) had their success with less perceived talent than others, but they were still built with at least six four-star prospects during the years they finished in the Top 10.