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Frogs O’ War NCAA Tournament Survivor Pool

Pick one winner per day, survive the longest, be crowned Champion

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and for the first time in forever our Horned Frogs are actually invited to the party. It’s a new age for TCU Basketball and it’s time to enter the new age of Tournament Challenge. Anyone can fill out a bracket, enter an office pool, and definitely lose to the person who picked winners based on which mascot would win a bar brawl. What the discerning fan requires is a game with a bit more strategy and skill.

Introducing the Frogs O’ War NCAA Tournament Survivor Pool. The objective is simple: select one winner per day of the Tournament and be the last one standing when the nets are cut down in San Antonio. Easy enough, right? Well, the challenge is that you can only choose a team one time for the entire Tournament – once you select a team, you cannot select that team again for the remainder of the Tournament.

*** editor’s note: there will be a prize for the winner to be determined. it will be slightly more than bragging rights, we promise :) ***

Rules and guidelines:

· You must select one team per day, starting with the round of 64. If you are still alive, you’ll only need to pick one team during the Elite 8 round and beyond

· If the team you select wins, you advance to the next day. If your selection loses, your Cinderella run has ended.

· Entries must be submitted prior to the first game of that day. Selections for March 15 & 16 are due by March 15 at 11:15 AM Central.

· Keep track of what teams you used – if you select the same team twice, you’ll be eliminated; if you have no remaining selections available, you are eliminated.

· As the field narrows, the entry form will include a tiebreaker to determine a winner if all remaining entries lose in the same round

· Only one entry accepted per email address. You must use the same entry name and email address throughout the tournament.

Fill out the form below with your pick for the games of March 15 & 16. We’ll keep you updated with stats, news, results, and any other fun to be had along the way. Enjoy!