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UPDATE: Frogs O’ War Survivor Pool, March 15

Round 1 picks have locked, how many will last to the weekend?

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-Oklahoma Sooners vs Rhode Island Rams
Did you survive longer than Trae Young?
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The round of 64 has tipped off and the Madness started immediately with OT in the opener and a thrilling escape by Gonzaga.

Now that entries are closed on Round One, let’s dig into the details

Thursday, March 15

I think we may have been infiltrated by Viva the Matadors, as the Red Raiders were the runaway top pick for day 1, being selected on 18% of entries. With the early games going final, a large number of entries have successfully moved on with victories from the Rams, Vols, Jayhawks, Zags, and Blue Devils. We have several head-to-head elimination matches today, with Ramblers-Hurricanes ,Jackrabbits-Buckeyes, and Wolfpack-Pirates in progress and San Diego St-Houston and Bama-VA Tech tonight guaranteed to shrink the field.

Friday, March 16

A whopping 23% of entries went with the hometown hero Horned Frogs. I think this is great from a rooting-interest standpoint - we’re here to have fun, and the Frogs winning is fun - but also from a strategy perspective. TCU has a great opportunity to win Friday night, but is trapped in a part of the bracket with heavy hitters. Outside of our Frogs, the Friday selections are spread over fewer teams and appears to run more with the guaranteed favorites....which means Friday is likely to be filled with Madness.

A new form will be available Friday morning for surviving entries to get your picks in for Saturday’s Round 2 games. Stay connected with Frogs O War for the latest updates. Thanks to all of you for participating. Best of luck and Go Frogs!