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UPDATE: Frogs O’ War Survivor Pool, March 17

Round 1 is complete and our field has been cut in half. Survivors set to make Sunday selections

Syracuse v TCU Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

As predicted, the appearance of a straight-forward Friday slate of games meant we were set up for some Madness. The day featured upsets from start to finish, a collapse by the Longhorns, and the most improbable result in NCAA Tournament history to go along with a tough outing by our Horned Frogs.

Thursday saw only 12 entrants eliminated, but the carnage of Friday knocked out 43 entrants - myself included, getting shocked by the Shockers. We are left with 54 survivors entering the Round of 32. How many will make it to the Sweet 16?

See table below of our remaining entries and picks for today’s games. We have a few head-to-head elimination matches with Gators-Red Raiders and Cougars-Wolverines, guaranteeing this field will shrink and we will have some advance to Sunday.

Fill out the form below with your pick for the games of Sunday March 18. Picks are due by 11:10 Central Sunday morning, prior to tip-off of Purdue-Butler in Detroit.