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TCU News: Listenbee speaks, Watson powers Frogs to win

Kolby Listenbee is trying to make his case through the media.


Kolby Listenbee speaks out on his lawsuit against TCU coach Gary Patterson | The Star-Telegram

The reaction after this interview has been generally unfavorable to Listenbee, but there is a lot more that will come out, I am sure.

“I got injured and I had a few things that they said to me, that I was faking, that teammates had worse injuries than mine,” Listenbee said on Tuesday. “[The coaches attitude] was very aggressive. I’d be in the receiving meeting room watching film. Coach P would come in yelling and getting mad and cursing at us,” Listenbee said on OTL. “and just like, threatening us. He said if we lost to Texas because I wasn’t playing, that I wouldn’t be allowed back to TCU in the future and stuff like that.”

TCU declined ESPN’s invitation to be on the program, but released a statement, Ley said. “We were saddened and disappointed to learn that Kolby Listenbee decided to pursue a lawsuit against TCU and many others … We were shocked by his course of action. We take tremendous pride in our long-standing tradition of excellence in providing a positive experience for student-athletes, especially in the areas of prevention, care, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries.”

Here’s the catch: Taye Barber poised to become TCU’s next big receiver on campus | The Star-Telegram

The way GP talks about Barber reminds folks of how he spoke about Turpin when he got to campus.

“Our off-season hasn’t bothered him at all. The learning process hasn’t bothered him at all. Going to school hasn’t bothered him at all,” Patterson said. “He’s one of those guys where you just smile when you talk to him because he’s been a perfect child. What else can you ask for? If everyone did that it would be a lot easier on us.”

Patterson said former TCU receiver Desmond White was fast, but Barber is even faster.

O’Connor offensive lineman commits to TCU | My San Antonio

This kid is legit. He should be a stalwart for the Frogs.

O’Connor junior offensive lineman Brannon Brown announced his commitment to TCU via Twitter on Tuesday night. Brown (6-5, 295) chose the Horned Frogs over offers from 12 other schools, including Oklahoma State, Notre Dame, Oregon, Washington and Texas Tech.

Brown recorded 109 pancakes and 13 cut blocks during the 2017 regular season. He was named to the Associated Press’ All-State first team.


For TCU early, it’s all about the power, my dear Watson | The Star-Telegram

Josh Watson is a walking, talking, baseball bashing ball of fire right now. It’s making Baker better, too.

“They had to pitch to him and he hit a home run. That’s already happened three or four times this year,” Schlossnagle said. “They’re trying to make pitches because of who’s on deck.”

Baker had 19 homers in his first two seasons before an injury sidelined him in May last year. Watson knows what kind of force Baker is hitting in front of him.

”So with him being in front of me he probably sees a little bit better pitches to hit and that’s exactly what we want,” Watson said. “because that guy hits the ball as hard as anyone I’ve ever seen so when he gets good pitches to hit that’s exciting for all of us.”