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TCU Football 2018: Predicting the Offense’s post-Spring Depth Chart

TCU will release a post-spring depth chart later this week, but let’s take a stab at it before we find out for sure.

TCU v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

TCU’s spring football practices conclude on Tuesday, meaning we should see an updated depth chart released some time later this week.

Of course, we could just wait and see what that depth chart looks like, but it’s way more fun to make some educated guesses as to where guys will be, position-wise and on the depth chart.

Let’s start with the offensive side of the ball.


1st String: Shawn Robinson

2nd String: Michael Collins

3rd String: Greyson Muehlstein

Penn transfer Michael Collins has been a fun storyline this spring, impressing people with his arm strength and accuracy, but it’s difficult to see him truly challenging Robinson for the starting job. Robinson’s mobility is a plus, and he touts some significant arm strength of his own.

Of course, it’s nice to know that a quality backup is available if needed, and Collins seemingly provides just that.

Running Back

1st String: Darius Anderson

2nd String: Sewo Olonilua

3rd String: Kenedy Snell

Anderson is the clear frontrunner for most of the work in the backfield, but based on the spring game and some rumblings this spring, Olonilua can be expected to play a significant role in the backfield, beyond his mostly-goalline work in 2017. Olonilua caught several passes out of the backfield in the spring game, including one for a touchdown, and looks even stronger than he was a season ago.

Snell provides lightning quickness, and all three are capable of catching passes out of the backfield.

Wide Receiver

1st String: Jalen Reagor | KaVontae Turpin | Jaelan Austin | Jarrison Stewart

2nd String: Omar Manning | Taye Barber | Ni’Jeel Meeking | Dylan Thomas

3rd String: Al’Dontre Davis | Trevontae Hights

The WR unit is going to be absolutely loaded for TCU in 2018. I struggled to put Manning and Barber on the 2nd string, but I think that’s where they’ll be, for now. It wouldn’t shock me if both were starters by August, though.

The good news is, is that depth is the name of the game. Meeking has had an incredible spring, and Taye Barber has been unstoppable. Omar Manning just got the scout team offensive MVP award for 2017, and it’s widely known that the coaches were close to pulling his redshirt last season and getting him some game time.

Tight End

1st String: Pro Wells

2nd String: Artayvious Lynn

3rd String: Cole Novak

This one is tough, because TCU doesn’t use tight ends all that often, and only Novak played in the spring game while Wells and Lynn both nursed injuries. This may wind up being inverted when the post-spring depth chart comes out, but I think this is where it winds up eventually.

Offensive Line

1st String: LT-Anthony McKinney | LG-Cordell Iwuagwu | C-Kellton Hollins | RG -Trey Elliott | RT-Lucas Niang

2nd String: LT-Austin Myers | LG-Wes Harris | C-Chris Gaynor | RG -Casey McDermott Vai | RT-David Bolisomi

This is a shot in the dark on my part. Patterson has been rather clear in saying he thinks TCU has three tackles right now: Niang, McKinney, and Myers. Niang seems to be pretty locked in at right tackle, while McKinney and Myers have been battling it out for the other spot. I’m giving the edge right now to McKinney, but I don’t have much to base that on.

Patterson has also spoken about Hollins being the best guy at center right now, but experience and reps have been lacking for him. Iwuagwu and Elliott get the nods at guard, but by August I wouldn’t be shocked to see Wes Harris stepping in at one of those spots.