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TCU News: Fox Sports blasts Big 12 D, Duggan’s commitment hurts future foe

Noteboom’s stock is rising as the draft inches closer.

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Ohio State QB target Max Duggan commits to TCU: What it means for the Buckeyes |

The Frogs went into Big 10 territory and stole one of the top QBs in a move that hurts a future opponent.

Duggan was on the short list of quarterbacks Ohio State has its eye on at this point of the recruiting cycle. That’s a list that’s continued to shrink in recent weeks as some of those prospects commit to other schools. Duggan is just the latest to do so.

Sam Howell committed to Florida State on April 9. Jalon Jones committed to Florida on April 7. Grant Tisdale, at one time thought to be the favorite to land in the Buckeyes’ 2019 class, committed to Ole Miss on April 6.

Does that mean the Buckeyes won’t circle back and take another swing at any of those prospects, Duggan now included? No. But it certainly changes the situation when you’re recruiting quarterbacks who are already committed elsewhere. The Buckeyes aren’t quite there anyway.

No peaking: Teams seek unfinished products in NFL draft | ESPN

Noteboom is far from a finished product, and could follow the path of Big V and Aviante Collins - both of who found NFL success.

OT Joseph Noteboom

6-5, 309

Why a late bloomer: Raw skill set out of high school due in part to 270-pound frame. A three-star recruit, he redshirted his first year at TCU but started three seasons and has slowly developed into a Day 2 prospect.

Noteboom’s take: ”You want to draft a guy you can play with down the road. If a guy has already peaked, then you know what you’re getting rather than guys around the same level who can be really good down the line. I’m on the level to peak. I can get stronger, bigger, learn the game more.”

FOX Sports radio host: The Big 12 plays ‘arena league football,’ has ‘pathetic’ defense | DieHards

I remember a time when Jason McIntyre wasn’t a poor man’s Colin Cowherd. Those days are apparently over.

FOX Sports radio host Jason McIntyre compared the Big 12 to “arena league football” during a segment about Mayfield’s draft stock on Monday, in which he ripped the league for failing showcase strong defenses.

From McIntyre:

“The Big 12 plays arena league football. That’s what they do. The defenses are a joke. It’s pathetic …. Oklahoma State’s pass defense — they were 117th out of 130. Baker killed them. Whoop-dee-damn-doo. Texas Tech — 123rd in pass defense.”