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TCU News: Several standouts at the spring game, baseball set for Sunday double header

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TCU baseball has another game postponed | Fort Worth Star Telegram

The game Saturday night will start at 10:30am on Sunday, as the first game of a double-header.

TCU was scheduled to take on Oklahoma Saturday in the second of a three-game series between the Frogs (14-12, 3-4 Big 12) and Sooners (22-10, 7-0) at Lupton Stadium, but a forecast of low temperatures moved that game to Sunday.


Defensive end LJ Collier impresses in TCU’s spring game | Fort Worth Star Telegram

Collier was incredible on the day, and Patterson spoke about him after the game.

“Here’s what L.J. has to learn,” Patterson said. “He played about 15 plays a game last year. He’s got to get where he’s in shape, and like I told him, where he can play 40 plays. How do you get to where you play 40 plays?”

Is Gary Patterson ready to name Shawn Robinson TCU’s starting QB? Here’s where the race stands | Dallas Morning News

Robinson will likely be the starter for TCU this fall, but Michael Collins is making it more of a competition than expected.

Robinson and Collins also had positive moments during the scrimmage. Robinson led the offense on a touchdown on the day’s opening drive. Collins, a Penn transfer and former walk-on serving as Robinson’s primary competition, also tallied a touchdown after freshman receiver Taye Barber juggled a pass over the middle before he secured it and ran into the end zone.

Swimming and Diving

TCU swimming and diving situation was a fiasco from Day 1 | Fort Worth Star Telegram

Sam Busch lasted less than six months as the head coach of TCU’s swimming and diving team, and there’s a Title XI investigation currently in place surrounding some of Busch’s actions.

“They told us nothing,” said one TCU swimmer, who along with three teammates spoke to the Star-Telegram. “They left us to explain the whole thing, and we didn’t know the answer.”

Here are the answers:

* According to several sources, staffers at TCU’s rec center, the Rickel, complained to TCU athletic department officials of Busch verbally berating them about practice times at the pool, among other concerns.

* Busch was often said to be seen at local bars drinking and fraternizing with students.

* One swimmer said Busch physically confronted an assistant coach.

* On road trips, Busch was known to leave the team hotel after hours while leaving the responsibilities of the team to his assistants.

One TCU athletic department official said there was no instance of sexual misconduct; another department official said that issue is why the matter is currently under investigation by Title IX.