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TCU News: Do the Frogs need to do more for Schloss?

Also, game day eats and recruiting updates.

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Don’t blame Schloss if he leaves TCU | The Star-Telegram

Sure, don’t blame Schloss. But don’t blame TCU, either. If he leaves, it’s because it’s time for a new challenge. Nothing more.

As a head coach of a team at a pricey private school, Schloss has to be far more creative in recruiting players to his team, and to cover the considerable costs of scholarships. As TCU, Vanderbilt, Stanford, Rice, Baylor and a few others have repeatedly demonstrated, winning college baseball games at a private school is doable; since 2000, three NCAA baseball champions were private schools.

Schloss and the rest have done it, but it’s a bit harder at TCU than, say, Texas. Or Oregon State. Or Mississippi State.

Both TCU and MSU have dumped millions and millions into their college baseball programs, and both are good enough to make a run at the College World Series on a consistent basis.


Which Teams Won’t Be Going Back to Their Conference Title Games? | Sports Illustrated

LOL, no reason to play out the season I suppose.

Eric Single: TCU. While the other participant in last year’s Big 12 title game loses the Heisman Trophy winner from its hyper-efficient offense, TCU has its own worrisome questions to answer on that side of the ball if it wants to make a return trip to Arlington in December. Despite his propensity for the untimely implosion, Kenny Hill was a dynamic yet dependable quarterback more times than not last season. His replacement, sophomore Shawn Robinson, was the highest-ranked quarterback recruit in TCU history (until four-star Justin Rogers signed in the 2018 class, that is), but we only got to see a fraction of Robinson’s potential during a true freshman season in which he was only trusted with a stripped-down version of the offense when he was on the field.

As they wade into 2018 with Robinson, the Horned Frogs will also be breaking in four new starters along the offensive line. The Big 12 routinely punishes teams that can’t score 40 points consistently—any growing pains among Robinson and his protection will be tough to mask, even with help from a defense expected to be among the league’s best once again.

Three Things I Think, Three Things I Know...Recruiting Edition | 247 Sports

Sonny Cumbie likes guys that can keep a defense on their toes. It’s a good strategy.

TCU will snag their first 2020 commitment soon – Yes, the Frogs could have their “second” first commit for their 2020 class. Okay, you’re confused…remember Jacobi Bellazin? Now you’re caught up. The Frogs have made an impression on several 2020 prospects and none may be greater than the one they’ve made on Melissa quarterback Brendon Lewis. Now, I’ll say that Lewis hasn’t told me he will commit soon but I know TCU is looking extremely good to him and his family. Lewis has already been on campus a few times and will be on campus again this summer. Lewis told me that TCU was an offer he was waiting on; if they impress him enough, why wait. If the Frogs snag Lewis that will be yet another feather in the cap for Cumbie when it comes to landing top quarterbacks.

Big 12 Food Tour: The best gameday eats near TCU | DieHards

Dutch’s for best burger? And no Tex-Mex options? Hmm...

But Heim always wins. Everything.

Heim’s store has only been open since the summer of 2016, and if the name sounds familiar, it’s because they made headlines by offering Texas Rangers second-baseman Rougned Odor free food for life after punching Jose Bautista in an altercation.

And Odor is one lucky man, because the food is a treat. The fatty tri-tip and jalapeno macaroni and cheese are both to die for, but where do we even start with the burnt bacon ends? They might just be the best delicacy in Fort Worth.

And if you want it all, try the BBQ Snob sandwich, which will give you a variety of meats in a single serving. Be warned that Heim is closed on Tuesdays, but it’s a great place to get some quality Texas BBQ before a TCU game or any other of the five days they’re open.