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TCU News: Beer sales begin, Frogs win third straight

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‘Liquid energy’: Beer served at TCU baseball game for first time ever | Fort Worth Star Telegram

It wasn’t completely unreasonably priced, and it seems that people maintained self control.

For $7, fans 21 years and older could purchase 16 ounces of classic beers brands including Bud Light, Miller Light, Michelob Ultra and Coors Light. For the same price, some of the 12-ounce craft beer options included Rahr & Sons and Deep Ellum.

Vendors even offered an alcoholic selection for the non-beer drinkers in the form of cider from the Bishop Cider Company.

TCU pitchers stretch scoreless streak with fifth win in past six games | Fort Worth Star Telegram

The Frogs thumped DBU 7-0, led by starting pitcher Sean Wymer, and TCU’s opponent scoreless streak is reaching impressive numbers.

For the first time in school history, fans were allowed to purchase beer in the venue at a university sporting event. While some were probably hoping for a high-scoring affair, TCU pitchers Sean Wymer, Augie Mihlbauer and Cal Coughlin ensured that the visiting team never got on the scoreboard.

In fact, in their last 25 1/3 innings, the Frogs have not allowed a single run.

TCU Records Second Straight Shutout |

TCU pitching has been dominant over the last three games.

Sean Wymer (4-3) was brilliant over the course of six innings. He allowed just four hits and walked one batter. Twice Devlin Granberg opened an inning with a base hit and twice Wymer picked him off to minimize the Patriot threat.

Augie Mihlbauer came on in the seventh inning and shut the door, allowing just one infield single in two innings of work while striking out two. Cal Coughlin pitched around a pair of errors in the ninth to lock up the shutout.