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TCU News: Frogs’ schedule in September among toughest in CFB

Also: bring back the LT unis!

Links O' War
Links O' War
Danny Mourning


Ranking the toughest three-game stretches in 2018 | ESPN

There are three Big 12 teams on this list. TCU is included as part of the other two’s toughest stretches as well.

10. TCU

Sept. 15 vs. Ohio State in Arlington, Texas, Sept. 22 at Texas, Sept. 29 vs. Iowa State

One of the biggest challenges for the Horned Frogs will be rebuilding their offensive line, and they won’t have much margin for error early in the season. They take on No. 3 Ohio State at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, the third week of the season, then travel to No. 22 Texas the next week. TCU has won four in a row over Texas, which will be coming off of a tough game of its own against USC. The Horned Frogs come back home to close out September against an Iowa State team that has the most momentum the Cyclones have enjoyed in ages, particularly with Matt Campbell signing a new deal to stay put as head coach.

Big 12 Football Throwback Uniforms We Want in 2018 | Hero Sports


TCU’s uniforms weren’t particularly extraordinary during the LaDainian Tomlinson era but as we approach the 20th anniversary (2020) of LT’s 2,100-yard season, let’s bring them back in the near future.

The most underrated college football teams per decade | SEC Country

Well, let’s not get too excited about this, or we will sounds like Aggies celebrating things that happened a century ago.

1930s: TCU/Villanova

The poll started in 1936, so there’s only four seasons to tally, but TCU claims the 1938 national title and Villanova went from unranked to finish No. 6 in 1937. The Wildcats may now play at the FCS level, but it was an independent for 87 years (1894-1980) and played in several bowl games.

Rest of the top 5: Cornell, Missouri and UCLA.


TCU Power Index: Ronnie Baker runs in the fastest of circles | The Star-Telegram

Good to catch up with the fastest Frog.

That’s an event, however, that Baker no longer competes in. He’s focused his professional career on shorter distances and it’s paying off. He just recorded a personal-best 100 meter time of 9.93 seconds (into a slight headwind) at the Rome (Italy) Diamond League meet on May 31. That’s the fastest wind-legal time in the world since August 2017.