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TCU News: Kenny Hill heading to CFL

The former Frog QB will try and make it north of the border.

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Links O’ War
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Former Texas A&M and TCU QB Kenny Hill signs with the Montreal Alouettes, heads to the city where his dad once shone for the Expos | The Comeback

Kenny Hill is going to try and cut his teeth as a pro QB in the same city that made his dad famous.

Hill isn’t your average CFL practice roster quarterback; his stints at Texas A&M and TCU were quite impressive, and give him a significantly higher profile than your average QB coming in in this role. But the most remarkable part of this might be something that doesn’t have any on-field relevance, but is certainly worth discussing in Montreal, and which can be seen from TSN’s headline: “Alouettes sign son of former Expos pitcher Hill to PR.”

Sporting News predicts 11 SEC teams will make bowls this season, including 1 in College Football Playoff | SEC Country

Could we see TCU-Georgia Part II?

Sporting News predicts that Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma and Ohio State will be the four teams battling for the national title this season, with the Crimson Tide and Tigers advancing to again face each other in the championship game.

These projections leave out Georgia, which played Alabama in the National Championship Game last season. Instead, the Bulldogs are predicted to face TCU in the Sugar Bowl.

Around Campus:

Why one of TCU’s last ties to the Southwest Conference is planning to leave the school | The Star-Telegram

A true TCU institution is stepping away from the Frogs for medical reasons.

He graduated from TCU in 1982 and eventually landed a position as the academic coordinator of TCU athletics in 1988. He was named an associate athletic director of internal affairs in 1999.

He served the last eight years as the department’s associate director of athletics.

In the spring of ‘98, when TCU vice chancellor William Koehler led a push for the school to invest heavily in athletics and effectively cleaned out the department, Hesselbrock was one of the few to remain in a high-ranking capacity.