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I’m Grant McGalliard, and I’m new here

Grant McGalliard is the newest member of the Frogs O’ War team, and he’s ready to write a lot about himself.

Hey, y’all.

You may have seen me around TCU Twitter at some point over the last five years or so, but my name is Grant McGalliard, and as of this very instant I’m the newest writer on the Frogs O’ War staff. Because Melissa and Jamie have foolishly given me publishing status, I’m now about to spend 500 or so words writing about my favorite topic — myself.

I’m a December 2016 graduate of Texas Christian University (gotta keep the acronym for sports and the full name for the university), and I’ve written about TCU in some capacity for what is now five separate websites. For those that are counting, that’s the TCU360 (where I was the sports editor and later a managing editor), Big 12 DieHards (breaking news freelancer, and RIP DieHards), Madness Breakdown (a short-lived basketball site for which I covered games in the godawfully decrepit Wilkerson-Greines Activity Center), the Dallas Morning News (special college correspondent), and now for the fine folks of Frogs O’ War.

If you’re wondering about my credentials still — and I can’t blame you if you are — I was part of the TCU360 team that covered the Bram Kohlhausen Alamo Bowl, and I fully remember waking up blearily hungover on New Years’ Eve 2015 to cover the Trevone Boykin arrest. I traveled solo to College Station and later Omaha in 2016 to cover the Frogs in Luken Baker’s freshman year, when Brian Howard and Jared Janczak put on some of the best pitching performances I’ve ever seen.

The past year I worked with DieHards covering the entire Big 12 as a breaking news reporter. Now that that site has dearly departed, I’m taking my talents to Frogs O’ War. I also work as the sports reporter for the Hood County News, in Granbury, Texas, just 45 minutes west of Fort Worth.

Full disclosure, I did not grow up a TCU fan. I was raised in Bay City, Texas, around an hour south of Houston, and I was a foaming-at-the-mouth rabid North Carolina Tar Heels fan. But I wound up at TCU, and it’s been the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Now, for the Dating Profile Info portion of this introduction: I love the music of Kanye West and Turnpike Troubadours, I’m a tremendous trivia team member, a fairly decent golfer and an absolutely horrendous dancer, and I think Shiner Bock is God’s greatest gift to man. I enjoy good bourbon, the Harry Potter series and the Tottenham Hotspur soccer club. I think the Beatles and Garth Brooks are both equally bad, but the Rolling Stones and Alan Jackson are both very good.

I’m also a Hall of Fame Twitter follow at @grantmcgalliard, for those interested.

I’ll be doing a mix of analytical, breaking news and column-like pieces for Frogs O’ War, and I can’t wait to get started.

Hail All Hail, TCU.