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TCU News: World Cup of College Football?

How would the Frogs do if the CFP were seeded like the World Cup?

Links O' War
Links O’ War
Danny Mourning


Are TCU’s DBs the best in the area? Or could Texas or Texas A&M have something to say about that? | Sports Day

If a couple of the young guys step up, the Frogs could have an elite secondary. They should have the best in Texas, at least.

In a region where spread ‘em out, air it out offenses are everywhere, it’s important to have a strong secondary to counter those attacks. Which area college has the best group of defensive backs?

College football guru Phil Steele, whose 2018 college football preview magazine recently hit newstands, ranked the top 51 DB units in college football in this year’s magazine. Only four of nine area teams broke into the rankings -- tied for the lowest total of all area position groups.

Best in Texas offseason edition: Ed Oliver, Ben Banogu are big names; where do their defenses rank? | Sports Day

Ben Banogu and Ty Summers will give opponents nightmares. But don’t sleep on the DTs... or my favorite player, Innis Gaines.

The losses of leading tackler Travin Howard and star cornerback Ranthony Texada are notable, but more than manageable given the Frogs’ stockpile of talent. Defensive end Ben Banogu is a projected first-round pick in the 2019 NFL draft. Names like Ty Summers, Arico Evans and Northern Illinois graduate transfer Jawuan Johnson give TCU the best linebacker trio in the Big 12. -- Reece Graham

Around College Football:

Simulating the World Cup of College Football | SB Nation

This is super fun... but no way do the Frogs lose in round one of the knockout stage!

Auburn: Beats TCU and Troy, loses to Boise State. Auburn would totally be one of those soccer teams for whom they had to make anti-collusion rules. Doubly true if Alabama were involved.

TCU: Beats Troy and Boise State, loses to Auburn. TCU is the charismatic, tactically unique soccer side that can advance only to lose to a dull 4-4-3 coached by a 70-year-old manager with tax issues in four different countries.

Boise State: Beats Auburn, loses to TCU and Troy. Very appropriate of Boise State to lose to Troy, the Boise State of Lower Alabama.

Troy: Beats Boise State, loses to Auburn and TCU. The Trojans are a crab pulling Boise State back into the small-school crab bucket here.

Auburn and TCU advance. Auburn wins group.