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That time Twitter had never seen painter’s tape before

TCU Basketball tweeted an in-progress picture of the basketball court, and the internet freaked out.

TCU Basketball vs Wofford
Folks were freaking out Tuesday morning about TCU Basketball’s new paint job, but fear not, Frog fans... it’s the same as it ever was.
Melissa Triebwasser

TCU’s basketball court at Schollmaier Arena is getting a bit of a facelift this summer, and apparently most of twitter has never painted before.

The official account of the program tweeted this out Tuesday morning:

... and people, well, didn’t get it. The blue covering the court was simply marking the intricate scale design that has covered the court for the last several years, as repainting it is a step-by-step process, using multiple layers and colors.

But, much of twitter thought that blue was now a school color, I guess.

Some of the responses were pretty funny, as was the use of gifs. But, fear not, Frog fans, nothing is changing with the court design, it was just being covered up to repaint the very complicated design that has existed since the new arena opened.

But it sure was fun to watch people freak out for no reason.

Now, if you want to talk real works of art, check out the poster design for this year’s campaign:

TCU Basketball opens their season on November 7th against Cal State Bakersfield.