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TCU News: Frogs’ depth a difference maker

TCU can roll out plenty of talented players at every position.

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Links O’ War
Danny Mourning


TCU’s 2018 Team Roster The Deepest Ever? | 247 Sports

GP is openly excited about the new redshirt rule, which allows him to deploy some young guys while protecting his vets.

“The way the new redshirt rule works, we’re working with the three’s and four’s a lot,” he said. “How do we get those guys on the field? They may not play offense or defense but they start four games on special teams. If you punt it eight times that’s 32 plays that someone doesn’t have to take. Then, you put the next redshirt in the next four games then you have 64 plays someone didn’t have to play. For us, everybody is being tested a lot more than we ever have.”

What’s the status of TCU’s prize recruit Justin Rogers? Here’s Gary Patterson’s answer | The Star-Telegram

We saw Rogers throwing with the rest of the QBs Saturday, but it seems as if he is limited to drills for the time being.

Justin Rogers is the highest-rated player to sign with TCU since 2000. But he won’t be ready for the start of his first fall camp.

“He’s probably not completely cleared to do everything,” coach Gary Patterson said at the school’s media day Thursday. “But he’s better than what he was.”

Rogers, who is from Bossier City, Louisiana, is still rehabbing his way back from a torn knee ligament (ACL) he sustained in the season opener for Parkway High School in August 2017.

Why Ohio State’s hot mess could be major advantage for TCU come September showdown | The Star-Telegram

Most of the TCU players either didn’t know, or didn’t seem to be willing to investigate much, when it comes to Ohio State. But one did speak up a bit.

Lewis offered an honest assessment of how a team dealing with an off-the-field distraction can be affected by such a scenario, and whether they can be problematic for a team on the field.

“I feel like they can be big distractors,” he said. “If somebody that high up (is affected), that’s your leader. Your focus might be shifted a little bit and you might have to shift it back. You still have a goal and you need to complete that goal. ... You get put in your routine and it shakes up your routine and you have to find a way to get back into that.”

If Ohio State does not have a resolution by Sept. 15, it will be a season-defining distraction.

If Meyer is gone, the Buckeyes won’t be the same. An assistant will be named interim head coach, and the entire staff will be worried and looking for their next job.

TCU Cornerback Unit Showing Improvement According To Patterson | 247 Sports

A healthy, confident Julius Lewis could be the key to this unit’s success.

“Julius has kind of been a surprise because he’s been holding back because of his knee. Physically he’s okay but a lot of times it’s more mental,” Patterson said. “The last couple of days he’s been getting more aggressive; he’s just got to get his speed back. He’s got to get where he’s comfortable and take the brace off.”

Overall depth is the biggest concern right now at the position. Besides Gladney, who has started 19 games the past two seasons, the Frogs have just twelve starts on the depth chart; Lewis (10) and James (2). Although there is a lack of experience at the position, Patterson says he feels the group is playing well.