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Did Y’all See That? Week Two Edition

There weren’t many marquee games on the schedule, but there were plenty of things to see in college football this week.

Michigan State v Arizona State
Herm Edwards is...good?
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Hello all, and welcome to the Week Two edition of Did Y’all See That? In last week’s journey through college football, we enjoyed the schadenfreude of Michigan fans, scratched our heads at LSU and their newfound quarterback who might actually not be that good, and admired one-man wrecking machine Ed Oliver.

Week One had marquee matchups spread out over three hard-earned days of football. Week Two was one long snoozefest until Texas A&M and Clemson got cooking in the Hate Barn Kyle Field. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t cool things happening! Kansas won! Texas nearly lost to Tulsa! Notre Dame very much wants you to forget that it only beat Ball State by eight points!

It’s time once again to ask: Did Y’all See That?

Did Y’all See: This Bro at the Texas A&M Game?

Tucker awoke on Saturday at around 8 a.m., knowing the Ags had a big game that night. The tailgate wasn’t going to get started by itself, and he knew the pledges weren’t going to do it right, so he loaded up three cases of Busch Light and drove to the Sig Chi house to oversee setup. Katie met him there, looking gorgeous as always, and the two had a great time before ambling over to Kyle Field at around 5 p.m. They found their seats — and what seats they were for such a great game! Sure, the Aggies trailed, but Mond was looking great and the defense was humming.

Then Mack called him, just before a goal line situation. He wouldn’t normally answer in such a crucial point in the game, but Mack was his boy, and Tucker knew he’d have something good to say.

And then cameras found Tucker and Katie in the stands, just as Mack let them know the party was on at the Dry Bean Saloon, whether the Ags won or lost.

The rest is history.

Play on, player.

Did Y’all See: Boise State Systematically Demolish UConn?

This is a trick question, because nobody has ever actually watched a UConn game on purpose.

But, Boise State, who sneezed in your Cheerios Saturday morning and made you that boiling mad? The Broncos won 62-7 and outgained the Huskies 818 yards to 193. The gap between the two schools was 625 yards, which is the equivalent of a really good Texas Tech game from the Mahomes Era, or the combined total of three games’ worth of Texas Longhorn offense.

Spencer Hall wrote at length about this game on the mothership. Don protective goggles and gloves and look at it in all its hideously ugly splendor.

Did Y’all See: What Herm Edwards Said?

Who’s laughing now? Well, nobody, because Herm thinks laughter is a distraction created by the football devils to prevent his team from winning. But after his hire was panned as one of the worst of the college football offseason, Arizona State is 2-0 and coming off a win over Top-25 Michigan State. Herm waxed poetic about his coaching style in a press conference Monday.

Now, this was apparently taken out of context — he was talking about his decision to milk the clock and go for a game-winning field goal as time expired against the Spartans. But the quote, and the reaction to it, sums up our collective feelings about Herm: how on earth is thing working, and can it possibly continue?

Arizona State — that’s now No. 23 Arizona State, thank you very much — plays San Diego State this weekend, so we’ll see if the Sun Devils can stop the run against a powerful Aztec attack.

Did Y’all See: Where Steve Virgen ranked Maryland?

This is another trick question — of course you saw this, because colleague, friend and international man of mystery Dean Straka wrote about it in his weekly AP Poll recap for Frogs O’ War, and as a smart reader you devour anything Dean writes.

But I want a turn to roast this man. Steve Virgen, a reporter for the Albuquerque Journal, ranked the Maryland Terrapins, the team with wins over Texas and Bowling Green, as the No. 13 team in the land. That’s higher than TCU, West Virginia, Michigan, Boise State, Oregon and Oklahoma State.

Yes, that’s right — Maryland has beaten a bad team wearing orange and also Bowling Green, and that’s apparently enough to crack Virgen’s Top 15.

Stevie, baby, what is you doing?

Did Y’all See: Arizona is Actually Bad?

I’ll be the first to say that I thought Kevin Sumlin got a raw deal at Texas A&M and that the Aggies were unfairly holding him to a standard that only prime Johnny Manziel could reach. I thought with Khalil Tate at quarterback and Sumlin at head coach, Arizona could challenge for Pac-12 South supremacy (which is a lot like challenging to be the best cage fighter at an old folks’ home, but that’s neither here nor there).

Boy was I wrong! I can’t believe anyone lets me write about football. Arizona looks like pure, unadulterated butt, and just lost 45-18 to Houston. Tate threw for 341 yards but needed 45 attempts to do it, and threw two picks compared to zero, count ‘em, zero touchdowns. He also only ran for eight yards on seven attempts. He is not Jerome Bettis — that’s not an acceptable average.

Arizona: Actually Bad! More like Bear All The Way Down, if you ask me.