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TCU News: Ohio State’s offense ‘too good’?

Should the Buckeyes be worried about being overconfident?

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From NCAA probation to suggesting Gary Patterson, he’s TCU’s most interesting man ever | The Star-Telegram

This is a great read.

Former TCU director of athletics Chris Del Conte, who is now at Texas, told Lowe, “I don’t care what you did 20 years ago. Everyone was cheating. You were doing what everyone else was doing; you just weren’t doing it as well.’”

Lowe said he had an agreement with Patterson.

“If he sees me cheating he’s going to turn me in; If I see him cheating, I’m going to turn him in,” he said. “I felt terrible about it when it all happened. I had been totally stupid and had done something wrong. When you do something wrong, you pay the price.

“The rules are still broken, just as much as ever. There are schools in Texas doing it, too. The SEC is terrible about it.”

“I’m 90 now and never in my life did I think I’d see what TCU would become what it is today,” Lowe said. “To see where it was and now, I never thought it would happen. I thought Gary was a good coach, and he could win, but I didn’t think he would be one of the best in the country.”

Is Ohio State’s offense suddenly too good for its own good? Buckeyes football analysis |

I feel like doesn’t respect TCU.

Ohio State ranks second in the nation in scoring at 64.5 points per game. The Buckeyes rank second in yards at 650 per game.

They’ve gained exactly 600 rushing yards and exactly 700 rushing yards.

Pretty good. But TCU, Saturday’s opponent, ranks sixth in the nation in total defense, its first two opponents averaging 3.44 yards per play while Ohio State has averaged 8.1 yards per play.

So could Ohio State, somehow, be overconfident for Saturday?

”I think that, you know, when the games get tighter, every play matters even more,” acting head coach Ryan Day said when asked that question Monday. “And so the mistakes are still there. We talked about that in the meeting yesterday. The mistakes are still there.

Ohio State Football: TCU should have kept their series agreement | Factory of Sadness

Gary Patterson had a great line during his weekly presser yesterday about this series, and why it was made a one-off, when he said “do you not want me to win a national championship?” When you’re TCU, and you have no room for error, you have to be very careful about scheduling these stretch games.

Also, it wasn’t cancelled... the teams took the money. Both of them.

Patterson has been with TCU for 18 seasons and has been pretty successful during his tenure. He is in charge of the better Big 12 teams, which is great for him but they are not a top team. Therefore, every quality game they can get, TCU should sign up for but apparently facing Ohio State twice is bad business. Okay.

While that was the statement, it comes off that Patterson did not want to lose to Ohio State twice. What does TCU have to lose other than those games? They would have gotten paid millions to be in that series, although they still are getting quite the paycheck, for just the lone game now. Reasons to remain in agreement include getting paid a lot of money, going up against a quality opponent on national television, adding to their Big 12 program resume, and more. There is so much to like for them, just like Ohio State, who shares similar beneficial reasons.


You can see Day’s preview at the link.