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JT’s Jungle: Holy Toledo, will the Trojans win in Austin?

JT is back to help you get a win over Vegas.

NCAA Football: Texas at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Well that was an interesting week…

2-2 and a big ol’ swing and a miss with the bonus bet. What did we learn? Never bet the under. It was my tune-up week so you shouldn’t have followed my picks last week anyway. Everyone knows this. This week I will go 4-0 so now is the time to hop on the train.

All aboard…

All game lines are taken Thursday at 10:45 am CST

Game One: #7 Auburn (2-0) v. #12 LSU (2-0)

Auburn opens up as 10.5 point favorites against LSU. LSU throttled Miami on the opening weekend of College Football, and Auburn beat a top 10 team when they beat Washington, effectively killing the Pac-12’s chances to make the playoff. Their hopes did not last long.

MY PICK: Auburn

MY REASON: I feel like LSU is currently the sexy pick as they looked really good against an overrated Miami team. I do still have some doubts about Stidham, but I have even more doubts about LSU’s offense. I don’t suspect this to be a high scoring game, but I do believe Auburn will run away with it in the end. War Eagle.

Game Two: #17 Boise St. (2-0) at #24 Oklahoma St. (2-0)

Currently the Pokes are a 3 point favorite. The Cowboys have looked pretty solid against weak opponents, and they come to their first true test. Boise State, who is ranked higher, will have to play at T. Boone and listen to those awful paddles, a sound this brings former pledges to their knees, for three mind-numbing hours.

MY PICK: Okie State

MY REASON: I don’t think Oklahoma St. will completely bludgeon Boise, but I do think that given the nature of college football scoring that Oklahoma St. will cover the spread, especially at home.

Game Three: #22 (REALLY?!) USC (1-1) v. Texas (1-1)

This game is funny. The battle of the once great, and now mediocre. USC, who opens up as a 3 point underdog, lost to Stanford last week, and Texas is coming off their first, and only unconvincing win. This is your requisite reminder that Texas lost to Maryland . . . again.

MY PICK: Trojans

MY REASON: Stanford is a really good team. That’s a pretty weak argument when my opening line in favor of a team is to build up the strength of an opponent to whom they lost. The other side of that argument is that the team that Texas lost to is a much weaker opponent. In any event, I think USC will win, if you’re adventurous enough to bet the moneyline, and in the very least will cover the spread. Remember, good teams win, and great teams cover.

Game Four: #4 Ohio St. (2-0) v. #15 TCU (2-0)

I can’t believe it’s finally here. The Buckeyes are currently 13 point favorites against the Froggies at Jerry World - What a travesty. Pundits have speculated about this game and on Saturday we will finally have a true understanding of what kind of team we really have.

MY PICK: DON’T BET THIS GAME. SERIOUSLY DON’T. Okay if you’re really thirsty for action, bet Ohio State.

MY REASON: Ohio State? What kind of fan are you? Here’s my thinking. This is simple logic. If we lose by a lot of points, you win. If, however we win, then you may lose your bet, but you also have the satisfaction of a victory. It’s essentially the plot of the movie “Celtic Pride” with Dan Aykroyd, Daniel Stern, and Marlon Wayans. (Seriously great and underrated movie. Would recommend.) If you are forced to root for Ohio State, then maybe the football Gods will give the Frogs a win. But Seriously, don’t bet this game.


This seems like an insane line. I know Miami looked terrible against LSU, but this is a farm worthy bet. More importantly, though, if you’re on the East Coast, and potentially in harm’s way, please do the smart thing and get out of town.

You’re welcome in advance.