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Frogs O’ War Weekly Picks: Get ‘em in

It’s that time of the week!

Staff Picks

It’s that time of the week again - time to pick winners! Leave your picks in the comments, and ridicule us for ours.

Big 12 Games

Iowa State vs. No. 5 Oklahoma (11am, ABC)

Jamie Plunkett: Oklahoma 42, Iowa State 10 - Color me unimpressed by the Cyclones in their first game of the season, and while they get the Sooners at home this year, OU is looking to avenge last year’s loss.

Melissa Triebwasser: Oklahoma 37, Iowa State 20 - Sure, ISU looked inept against Iowa, but OU’s defense is less stout. Still, that’s an L.

Parker Fleming: Oklahoma 42, Iowa State 13 - Fun for a little bit, but Iowa State can’t move the ball outside of David Montgomery, and OU has yet to be stopped.

Grant McGalliard: Oklahoma 49, Iowa State 17 - I don’t think Iowa State scores more than 3 in the first half, but I think the Sooners will take their foot off the gas at some point. This isn’t last year: Lincoln Riley and his boys won’t be surprised by the Cyclones again.

Deanna Rust: Oklahoma 42, Iowa State 19

Mason Chreene: Oklahoma 38, Iowa State 17 - Magic doesn’t happen in back to back years.

Chris Conaty: Oklahoma 45, Iowa State 9 - This game will probably get out of hand early.

Kansas vs. Rutgers (11am, Fox Sports Network)

Jamie Plunkett: Kansas 24, Rutgers 20 - The game of the century.

Melissa Triebwasser: Kansas 31, Rutgers 10 - This game is so bad, it’s good. Can’t wait.

Parker Fleming: Rutgers 11, Kansas 3 - This game really deserves an elevener.

Grant McGalliard: Rutgers 17, Kansas 13 - I want Parker to be right, for the record.

Deanna Rust: Rutgers 24, Kansas 21

Mason Chreene: Kansas 17, Rutgers 10 - GIMME THE GREATEST GAME OF ALL TIME, BIG 12 BACK BABY!

Chris Conaty: Kansas 27, Rutgers 17 - Kansas is essentially going to win it all now.

No. 24 Oklahoma State vs. No. 17 Boise State (2:30pm, ESPN)

Jamie Plunkett: Oklahoma State 35, Boise State 28 - This is an intriguing matchup, and we’ll actually see how good Oklahoma State’s offense is in the absence of Mason Rudolph. I think they do just enough, and the home crowd helps force Boise State into some mistakes.

Melissa Triebwasser: Boise State 45, Oklahoma State 42 - Did somebody say shootout? This one should be a lot of fun, but I think #TeamSmurfTurf gets it done on the road.

Parker Fleming: Boise State 42, Oklahoma State 34 - I have no idea what OSU was thinking scheduling this game; they’re going to Boise next year, too! Broncos are having their playoff audition early in the season. Fireworks. So many fireworks.

Grant McGalliard: Boise State 38, Oklahoma State 28 - That Murder Smurf defense is the real deal. Taylor Cornelius is good at QB for the Cowboys, but this is his first real test, and I think Boise State wins this one.

Deanna Rust: Oklahoma State 58, Boise State 56

Mason Chreene: Oklahoma State 33, Boise 28 - Pokes and Potatoes? Sign me up! However, I trust Gundy more than I trust Bronco magic these days.

Chris Conaty: Oklahoma State 48, Boise State 45 - This will be one of the better games in the country this weekend. I think the Cowboys will find a way to hold on for a win.

Baylor vs. Duke (2:30pm, Fox Sports 1)

Jamie Plunkett: Baylor 28, Duke 27 - The Blue Devils have lost their starting QB, but Baylor’s defense doesn’t look great. I think Duke makes it a game, but the Bears move to 3-0.

Melissa Triebwasser: Baylor 35, Duke 20 - Duke is without their starting quarterback, Baylor looks competent on offense… Bears win their first non-con P5 game in nearly a decade.

Parker Fleming: Duke 27, Baylor 14 - Baylor: kinda decent, hasn’t beaten anyone. Duke: Pretty good, beat the pants off of Northwestern. Duke wins.

Grant McGalliard: Duke 24, Baylor 21 - This pairing of teams gives me the heebie-jeebies.

Deanna Rust: Duke 27, Baylor 21

Mason Chreene: Baylor 31, Duke 24 - Honestly not sure. Both teams I don’t think are good..but that doesn’t mean they’re awful. This game will probably be though. Especially cause I have Baylor winning

Chris Conaty: Baylor 30, Duke 20 - I really hate myself for picking the Bears.

Kansas State vs. UTSA (3:00pm, Fox Sports Network)

Jamie Plunkett: Kansas State 24, UTSA 17 - I think this game is close, and I think it’s unfortunate that Bill Snyder is probably going to start catching more and more criticism throughout this season.

Melissa Triebwasser: Kansas State 31, UTSA 13 - Why are the Cats so bad? They’ll be better than the Roadrunners this week.

Parker Fleming: Kansas State 31, UTSA 7 - Cats are bad. Roadrunners are more bad. Simple math.

Grant McGalliard: Kansas State 28, UTSA 10 - I don’t think the Wildcats are very good, but I do think they’ll win. UTSA is well-coached though, so don’t be surprised if this is closer than my predicted score.

Deanna Rust: Kansas State 35, UTSA 14

Mason Chreene: Kansas State 25, UTSA 16 - I know Bill Snyder is a good coach, but his team hasn’t looked good since last year-ish. Not ready to give up on the wildcats just yet though.

Chris Conaty: Kansas State 17, UTSA 13 - The Wildcats have been really unimpressive through 2 weeks, but they should get a win this weekend.

Texas Tech vs. Houston (3:15pm, FOX)

Jamie Plunkett: Houston 52, Texas Tech 41 - I am all in on Houston. D’eriq King is great, Ed Oliver should be the first defensive Heisman winner since Charles Woodson, and Tech isn’t that good.

Melissa Triebwasser: Houston 31, Texas Tech 20 - ED O SHOW!

Parker Fleming: Houston 56, Texas Tech 49 - I only picked this as closely as I did to spite Kendall Briles, who will probably go from Houston OC to Texas Tech HC when he gets fired, because the world has no justice.

Grant McGalliard: Houston 45, Texas Tech 38 - Hoo boy! Expect a lot of points here. If Texas Tech can keep Ed Oliver at bay, they might have a shot at outscoring Houston. Unfortunately, keeping Ed Oliver at bay requires Herculean feats of strength on every play.

Deanna Rust: Houston 45, Texas Tech 44

Mason Chreene: Houston 35, Texas Tech 27 - Ed Oliver is going to get his, but Tech was able to game plan around him pretty well last year…that being said the QB play is not going to be as good (probably) for the Raiders in this one, so I expect the team with the best player to win here…and that’s the Cougars. Sorry Kliff.

Chris Conaty: Houston 31, Texas Tech 23 - Ed Oliver has lived up to all the hype so far this season and the offense for Houston is full of weapons. They’re a definite G5 threat to make it back to an NY6 bowl.

Texas vs. No. 22 USC (7pm, FOX)

Jamie Plunkett: USC 30, Texas 24 - The Longhorns have to show me something before I pick them against another P5 team.

Melissa Triebwasser: Texas 24, USC 20 - I watched this Trojan offense in person last week, and boy were they bad. Stanford has a better D than Texas, but USC is a long way from winning games against decent ish teams. Texas is exactly that.

Parker Fleming: Texas 28, USC 27 - Can someone tell me how to do the shrug emoji?

Grant McGalliard: Texas 20, USC 16 - This is a game that pits stoppable forces against non-moving objects. Neither team can score, but I think Texas’ defense will give the Longhorns good field position all game and be the difference.

Deanna Rust: USC 35, Texas 28

Mason Chreene: USC 31, Texas 20 - This game is going to be bad. I don’t think either of these two teams are good this year, and despite having the talent that would say other wise…this could be a tough watch. The Horns may win this one, but I’ve been saying that about every game they’ve played in like the past 7 times so I’ll just pick against them.

Chris Conaty: Texas 41, USC 38 - Has there ever been so little excitement for a matchup of blue-blood programs? Some might say it’s because the teams are struggling, but I blame watching this matchup for 12 years on LHN.

No. 15 TCU vs. No. 4 Ohio State (7pm, ABC)

Jamie Plunkett: TCU 35, Ohio State 30 - I really think TCU covers but loses, but we can’t have everyone picking against the Frogs.

Melissa Triebwasser: Ohio State 34, TCU 24 - I am so sad.

Parker Fleming: Ohio State 31, TCU 17 - Ohio State is hyper-efficient and plays great defense. TCU is pretty efficient and plays really good defense. Two NY6 teams, I think, but one is clearly on another level.

Grant McGalliard: Ohio State 41, TCU 31 - Look, I don’t like it either. But at the end of the day, I don’t think TCU’s pass defense can stop the Buckeyes. And if the Frogs lay back and defend the pass, J.K. Dobbins can run behind that big offensive line all night.

Deanna Rust: TCU 29, Ohio State 19- I’ll go down with the ship. I don’t even care. I’ll never choose OSU against us. #bringit. Also, go look up Ohio penal code section 2919...I’ll wait.


Chris Conaty: TCU 52, Ohio State 17 - Shoutout to @MrOH1O for the score prediction. He didn’t specify what teams but I assume this is what he meant.

Around the Country

No. 7 Auburn vs. No. 12 LSU (2:30pm, CBS)

Jamie Plunkett: Auburn 28, LSU 14

Melissa Triebwasser: Auburn 31, LSU 17

Parker Fleming: LSU 24, Auburn 21

Grant McGalliard: Auburn 28, LSU 17

Deanna Rust: Auburn 21, LSU 19

Mason Chreene: Auburn 24, LSU 13

Chris Conaty: Auburn 30, LSU 17

Mississippi vs. No. 1 Alabama (6pm, ESPN)

Jamie Plunkett: Alabama 42, Mississippi 35

Melissa Triebwasser: Alabama 49, Mississippi 20

Parker Fleming: Alabama 49, Mississippi 24

Grant McGalliard: Alabama 56, Mississippi 17

Deanna Rust: Alabama 54, Ole Miss 24

Mason Chreene: Alabama 55, Ole Miss 9

Chris Conaty: Alabama 42, Ole Miss 10

Utah vs. No. 10 Washington (ESPN)

Jamie Plunkett: Utah 24, Washington 21

Melissa Triebwasser: Utah 21, Washington 17

Parker Fleming: Washington 35, Utah 7

Grant McGalliard: Washington 28, Utah 13

Deanna Rust: Washington 28, Utah 24

Mason Chreene: Washington 42, Utah 28

Chris Conaty: Washington 34, Utah 23